Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Mat Clan, a part of my family history....

For today I would like to relate the story of the Mat clan. As far as I know Mat was an official of the palace in Pekan, Pahang. He must be someone of a class that could became an official of the Pahang istana at that time. It is said with a good education he was a man of his time. He came from Losong in Terengganu. Whether his real name is Ahmad or just Mat I just do not know. Mat has two children; Mariam the eldest and Bakar the youngest whom I call Toksu. As it was normal at that time Mariam the girl although the eldest was not send to school. Only Bakar got an education; he later became a teacher and start his teaching career in Pekan.  Marian binti Mat marry Hj. Ibrahim, a business man of his time who live in Peramu, a village across the Kuantan River. Mariam my grandmother has five children. One of the five is Asiah or Wok Siah is my mother whereas Bakar bin Mat married Hamidah has only one child a girl Khatijah. Thus, Khatijah and my mother Asiah are cousin. Khatijah went to school and became a teacher just like her father Bakar but my mother did not. My mother Asiah first husband was Ngah, they have three children; all girls. After her first husband died she married my father Abu Bakar and they have six children, the eldest is me. Khatijah marry a teacher Musa and have 10 children. Bakar my Toksu after his wife died marries again [ This part is best explained further by one of his son Sabri Bakar] Anyone out there who have further information of the Mat Clan may want to contribute to this part of our family history.

In the family picture above, probably taken in 1940, the boy on my father lap is me, his first son whom he named Idrus bin Abu Bakar after his father Abu Bakar bin Idrus. Others in the picture are my mother with her three daughters; Fatimah [Rahmah], Rokiah and Ainon.

The picture on the left is that of my mother and her cousin Kathijah who I call Maklong Jah.

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