Friday, April 13, 2018

Of Tuesday 10th April....

It was one of those day in April hot and humid. I had an appointment to meet a friend at KL Sentral, the Nation land communication hub. It a place where all the trains meet, and one can get anywhere into the cities or to the other parts of the country by the Traditional train, the ETS or in the city of Kuala Lumpur by MRT, Komuter, LRT and the Monorail or just by buses from there. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to take the Grab to get there. On second thought I decided to take the new alternative to Grab, the MyCar. It a new one to replace Uber that decided not to do any business anymore in Asia, the Service of Uber in Malaysia has been taken over by Grab. I dressed up and call MyCar using the Apps. I got connected and after about ten minutes a car arrived to take me to KL Sentral. I sat down and chat with the driver. He seems to be knowledgeable of the political situation of the country and as usual like the other taxi driver has nothing good to say about the present regime and hope for a change this time. He was caution since he knew it not easy to change. We continue to chat all the way and eventually before ten in the morning arrived at KL Sentral. I pay him with a tip and he drive away happy. I always give extra to the taxi driver since I know they work hard to get us from A to B and their take home pay is just enough, not rich and not poor but enough. Well life is like that. It up to us who are better off to help in whatever ways we could. On arrival I straight away went to the Food Outlet where my friend and I have decided to meet for breakfast. After a while my friend arrived, and we sat for breakfast and chat along.  It was nice to meet friend from time to time at KL Sentral since it easy to get to either by Komuter, LRT or by taxi. It the convenient the reason I always choose KL Sentral to meet friends for a drink or lunch and to chat. After a good breakfast at the Swiss Oven there we decided to go for coffee at the third level of the NU Sentral. While coffee we continue our chat. Time passed so fast when we were having a good time. Well since it already late afternoon we decided to call the day off. I then took a traditional taxi home. Yes, another productive day in the life of a retiree. 

Have a nice day.

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