Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Work of Art at KLCC..

The Petronas Twin Towers is just five minutes away from my home in Ampang Jaya. Using the Elevated Highway I could get there, right into the Parking lots in mere minutes. Thus I go there often to [Lepak] while my time.

The architect Cesar Pelli thoughts of every nook and corner when he set to design the KLCC. As a frequent visitor to the Suria Mall I am never cease to be amazed at the fusion of the work of art in the building. No other building in the city of KL could match the meticulous detail planning that goes into realising this iconic building. Translating the thoughts of Tun M into reality, the Petronas Twin Towers or the KLCC in KL.. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019...

Happy New year 2019. The year 2018 was a good year when on May 9 at the 14th General Election we got back our country Malaysia, sort of a second independence. We the people together did that and on May 10, 2018 a new coalition the Pakatan Harapan [PH] party became the government of the day, the first change of the government after sixty one years. Let keep the peace folks for only with peace can we prosper together. Thanks to all Malaysian for making this country great. 

Have a nice day.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

A daily chores; Laundry...

It past 4 pm on this Saturday afternoon. Just done the laundry; washing done, and the load are in the Dryer. While waiting for it to dry I am whiling the time at the Serambi reading and Surfing the Net. Outside it looks like it going to rain. I could hear the sound of the distance thunder. The weather is getting cooler and I believe it would rain soon. Near me Tam the mother cat is sleeping on her favourites chair while Kenet is in a Box that I got yesterday for them to play; you know cats love to play in the box. At 10 minutes to 5 pm the load in the Dryer had dried. I took it out and got it folded and put it in the cupboard. The one that need ironing would be send to the Laundry nearby for ironing with the other pieces from past drying. At this age there are only two of us in the house all the time; the kids and grandkids come over only from time only. We do not have maid except the maid from our daughter's house would come to do the heavy cleaning. Other daily chore we did it ourselves. Anyway, since this culture of sharing the house-whole chore have been going on since we got married some fifty six years ago, everything we do are just second nature to both of us. Moreover, I love to do the handy thing around the house and enjoyed it. So, folks that is life at this moment in time. 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Of Teh Tarik.....

It past 6 pm. It is getting dark and the sky cloudy. It has been raining lightly since afternoon. I like this kind of weather. It kept the atmosphere cool. I am enjoying the day passes by at the Serambi reading and surfing the net accompany by the two cats Tam and Kenet. Well folks that is an episode of life in the golden years.  One a second thought; it would be just nice to have a hot steamy glass of Teh Tarik. 

Teh Tarik is a special tea concoction that is Malaysian. It is a mix of condense milk and hot tea. The image on the left shows the Teh Tarik at the Mamak restaurant nearby. This is the real Teh Tarik. It is served in the proper glass and taste like a Teh Tarik should be. Not like the one a friend and I had at the restaurant in the Village 2 at Bangsar the other day. It was served in a sort of a wine glass and did not taste like Teh Tarik should be. I know because at the restaurant of my late dad I used to make many cups of Tea and Condense me. It those days of my childhood in the forties there was no such thing as Teh Tarik. It was just Tea with Condense milk and served in a cup and saucer steamy hot. Folks had to drink it using the saucer. It has yet to evolved into the Teh Tarik that we are enjoying today. Now the Teh Tarik is served in glass and it taste great if done the right way. 

Well, have a nice day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Father's vision....

The Serambi [patio] at my home is where I often sit alone to read, have coffee or just to while the time away. It is here where my thoughts would wonder along and at time past memories would come flooding back. Yesterday on that beautiful Monday afternoon December 17, 2019 sitting alone at the Serambi these thoughts came to mind. It about my late dad who despite being illiterate send all his children to school. It is because of his vision that all his children got educated. Personally, my personal success in life is because of that vision of him, schooling is the only way for a better quality of life. Thank you, dad and mom, for doing the right thing for us your kids. Alfatihah. 

The image on the left shows the family with me one years old on the lap of my dad. 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Lunch at Bangsar...

That day December 12 at 11 am on a cloudy Wednesday morning, for a change I went to Bangsar for a lunch appointment with a friend there. Bangsar is rather far away from where I live in Ampang. Actually, Ampang Jaya the housing area is in Ulu Kelang and Bangsar is on the other side of the city of Kuala Lumpur. One had to drive across the city to get there. So, it not normal that I would go there for lunch. I had my kid's driver to sent me there since I no longer drive across the city. I have been to Bangsar a number of times and I like the stores there. Most stores are of a different concepts than those at Suria KLCC. Just after 12 pm my friend arrived, and we went to look for a place to have lunch. We end having lunch of Mee Mamak at a high-end restaurant call Citrus. It turns out the Mee Mamak was really good but the Teh Tarek was not to my liking. After my friend left, I shop around and saw an item I like and on impulse bought it; it was really nice and I loved it. I have been to this mall many times before with my spouse and daughter Lin or with our niece Iza but never alone. Since this place is far away from my home, at this age I am not that brave to venture alone there. So, after wandering for a while in the mall I decided to get home. I then took an E-Hailing Service MyCar and got back home just after three in the afternoon. All in all, it was a beautiful adventure to the other side of the town. I did enjoy the lunch. 

Have a nice day.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Kenanga...

The Kenanga flowers in front of my house. The tree is more than 45 years old. I got the young plant from a friend in Terengganu and planted it outside my fence. It grew tall but I kept trimmings it so that it did not grow too tall, as well let it kept blooming throughout the years. The flowers give a fresh soothing fragrance that reaches my Serambi. Friends and strangers often ask for the flowers and I always obliges. In fact I have wakaf the flowers so that folks are free to take it wherever they need it especially for medicinal purposes. Many ask for seedling but this is one plant that is not easily to propagate. It got no seed thus the only way is to bud grafted it and even that it not easy. I have successfully done it and given the young plants to relatives and friends. Well folks I love this plant and it does served us well.. The Kenanga! 

Have a nice day.