Friday, May 11, 2018

The May 9, 2018 Revolution....

This is a good read indeed!

We did it fellow Malaysians
*A good read*....
Malaysians set a world benchmark, a gold standard in how to reclaim democracy against all odds yesterday.
The government coalition that had lorded over a country with various alliances for 61 years threw everything against its citizens for the 14th general election - the judiciary, the police, the universities system, the election commission, its very parliament, race and religion.
Gerrymandering and malapportionment saw some federal constituencies with as little as a few thousand voters sit side-by-side with seats that housed more than 150,000 registered voters.
This was a voting population that saw its very government as adversary.
Yet, like no other country in modern history, millions turned up yesterday and overthrew a murderous, corrupt regime without shedding one drop of blood.
There were no riots, no looting, burning of cars, homes or shops, ugly manifestations of religious or racial bigotry, ignorance or intolerance.
Instead, the people of a multi-racial country that is home to the world's fastest-growing religion, Islam, as well as the two biggest races on the planet, Chinese and Indians, embraced one another to rise above despots, division, discrimination and the albatross of the voting system itself, to unseat a prime minister and coalition that would have sold Malaysian down the drain in return for self-preservation, enrichment and aggrandisement.

The plot twists and ironies that led Malaysia to this historic day could not have been better scripted by the best of Hollywood.
Two men, powerfully galvanising individuals who were each nemesis to the other for nearly two decades - Anwar Ibrahim and Dr Mahathir Mohamad - forged the most unlikely of political alliances.
One remains a prisoner, the other put him there in shameful circumstances that were played out under the glare of world media spotlights.
The prisoner has shown how the sheer power of forgiveness can transcend the most painful of pasts. The image of Anwar and Mahathir shaking hands as allies, at one of Anwar's more recent court appearances, is now regarded by many as the turning point for the alliance that is now government-in-waiting.
The jailor and nation-builder declares he has now to free Anwar.
The most honourable Lim Kit Siang, Malaysia's longest-standing patriot, a walking symbol of long-standing and unrelenting parliamentary opposition, and the epitome of statesmanship, has carried magnanimity and self-sacrifice to another plane entirely.
Lim has embraced Mahathir, who had also thrown him into jail, and placed his aspirations for Malaysia centre stage for the sake of a pact the likes of which no other country has seen.
And yesterday, out of racism, corruption and bigotry emerged unity, determination and a sense of purpose - to forge a new future, a new hope, a new country for ourselves and our children.
Malaysians have shown a uniqueness that is as palpable as it is inspiring, and we must give ourselves the time and space to be very, very proud of what we have achieved today.

We have snatched back democracy from the jaws of destruction, so Malaysia may be rebuilt all over, with the multi-racial, democratic and egalitarian ideals of its founding fathers and earliest patriots.
We have come from the race riots of May 13, 1969, to the multi-racial juggernaut of May 9, 2018. We fought back without bloodshed or violence.
We have returned “Merdeka” - freedom, independence - to our shores. The future is now full of promise, and it's a promise we made to ourselves.
The singular event of May 9 will powerfully resonate forever in our history as a glorious chapter in a people's tenacity.
Yesterday, Malaysians became a beacon to the rest of the world, and delivered a new lesson in non-violent opposition.
The world has not seen such a reversal of fortune as Malaysia's. We are a walking, living legacy.
This is Malaysia, like no other country in the world.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Malaysia Tanah Air Ku...

The Federation constitution; Article 1-1 (1) The Federation shall be known, in Malay and English by the name of Malaysia. So we all are Malaysian. So folks let change and start building a nation based on the constitution; We are one people MALAYSIAN. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Enjoying one's Personal space....

At this juncture of my life I treasured my lifestyle; the freedom to enjoy my life my way. I have lived an active life all the years from my youth to the time I was working, making a living and raising a family. It was not that easy but both my spouse and me did it our way and had managed to retire early and continue to enjoy life. That is the reason why whenever I go out on a trip or just to lepak at the malls I just do it my way. To makes thing easy to meet friends from time to time I posted on my FB telling folks where I am at that moment in time. The purpose is to give me and friends the freedom of choice. If we happen to be at the same vicinity at the same time and want to meet without making an appointment, then we just meet for lunch or coffee or whatever to exchange notes or just to chat. By doing that we are free to enjoy lepaking in our golden years the way we like it. I meant well folks. 

Have a nice day.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Of Tuesday 10th April....

It was one of those day in April hot and humid. I had an appointment to meet a friend at KL Sentral, the Nation land communication hub. It a place where all the trains meet, and one can get anywhere into the cities or to the other parts of the country by the Traditional train, the ETS or in the city of Kuala Lumpur by MRT, Komuter, LRT and the Monorail or just by buses from there. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to take the Grab to get there. On second thought I decided to take the new alternative to Grab, the MyCar. It a new one to replace Uber that decided not to do any business anymore in Asia, the Service of Uber in Malaysia has been taken over by Grab. I dressed up and call MyCar using the Apps. I got connected and after about ten minutes a car arrived to take me to KL Sentral. I sat down and chat with the driver. He seems to be knowledgeable of the political situation of the country and as usual like the other taxi driver has nothing good to say about the present regime and hope for a change this time. He was caution since he knew it not easy to change. We continue to chat all the way and eventually before ten in the morning arrived at KL Sentral. I pay him with a tip and he drive away happy. I always give extra to the taxi driver since I know they work hard to get us from A to B and their take home pay is just enough, not rich and not poor but enough. Well life is like that. It up to us who are better off to help in whatever ways we could. On arrival I straight away went to the Food Outlet where my friend and I have decided to meet for breakfast. After a while my friend arrived, and we sat for breakfast and chat along.  It was nice to meet friend from time to time at KL Sentral since it easy to get to either by Komuter, LRT or by taxi. It the convenient the reason I always choose KL Sentral to meet friends for a drink or lunch and to chat. After a good breakfast at the Swiss Oven there we decided to go for coffee at the third level of the NU Sentral. While coffee we continue our chat. Time passed so fast when we were having a good time. Well since it already late afternoon we decided to call the day off. I then took a traditional taxi home. Yes, another productive day in the life of a retiree. 

Have a nice day.

Monday, April 9, 2018

The 14th Election in Malaysia...

Good Morning folks. Parliament was dissolved on April 7,2008 thus it going to be an election time again. I believe most of us have decided whom or which party to vote for. Personally, I want a government that is accountable and transparent in managing the nation. From the looks of it our political parties especially from the oppositions are becoming smarter and at the coming election it would give a challenge to the Barisan Nasional who have been the ruling party for the country since independence in 1957.There was so much wrong, and we must put it right. There is another coalition of parties that is call Pakatan Harapan or PH but it registration have been withheld. So is the party Bersatu or PBBM that is headed by the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir who rule the country for 22 years until he voluntary step down a few years ago. Because of the these problems the political parties in the opposition cannot use one logo. 

To solve that problem the opposition parties have decided, wisely to still use one logo and they choose to use the PKR logo, thus solved the problem. Now they would go to the election under one logo only and that is the Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia or PKR Logo They would forgo their own party logos and instead their candidate would register as the PKR candidates and goes to the election under one logo, that is the PKR logo.  So, in the coming election, the 14th it looks like the fight would be between the BN and PKR. It would made it easy for the voters to vote. 

Come election day let us vote wisely for change and make the country great again.  

Have a nice day

Monday, April 2, 2018

Of RAW format in Photography...

Like all Arts photography is never the same. It evolves as we move, we learn new ways of getting the best pictures whenever we click he camera. With today's technology we do not even have to click, we just touch the viewing screen and the image is captured perfect. The computer in the camera do the job of focusing for us. What would they think of next we all just have to wonder. Along the way a friend says the next time you take a picture with your digital camera use the RAW format. At that time, I was wondering what the friend of mine was talking, it Greek to me. Anyway, for an amateur photographer like me any new information to take better picture would be great. As for photography I am a kid again; always learning. And he warned me that RAW takes lots of data. It is best that I get a larger memory card. So, I did and now whenever I am out taking picture I always use the RAW format. In the beginning it looks like there was no difference but as I move along I found that's true, the image captured got plenty of data, thus great when editing. Object that you could not really see in the scene would appears clearer and sharp. Here are some image that I took recently using the RAW format. In the original picture these images were just a part of the overall picture and perhaps folks would not even notice it at first glance. These images are from the original that I had cropped thus what you see now. Amazing indeed what technology and a little knowledge could do to enhance the way of doing photography. Enjoy it folks much as I had enjoyed editing that images. 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The changing face of Bukit Bintang...

Bukit Bintang is one of the oldest road in Kuala Lumpur. It name may have derive from the hill and the Stars that could be seen there on clear nights. So, on looking at the heaven one could see stars lighting the night sky. It became a picturesque sight especially seen behind the green hill of the area. Thus, folks in those days call it Star hill or in Malay as Bukit Bintang. From time to time I would just go there to walk and wander along to see the development and the thousands of tourists that throng the place days and nights. It is now one of the most popular tourists spot in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Here are some images that I took while there two weeks ago. The top picture show Icecream from Turkey sold along the road, the second picture show a classic exterior decor in front of a restaurant and the other one shows the interchange where the monorail station is. Enjoy it folks much as I had enjoyed snapping it up. 

Have a nice day.