Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Farewell to 2020..

These two shots was taken on the eves of the 31st of December 2020. The Petronas twin Towers as seen from Ampang Jaya. The sky was rather cloudy thus the image of the full moon behind the cloud. Taken with the Canon EOS M5 using the 200 mm lens. Enjoy it folks much as I had enjoyed taking it. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A trip to Penang...

To help the economy bounce back we decide to do our part by spending. It the little thing we the ordinary folks could do, for spending and the multipliers effect could in a small way create jobs for the population. The Covid19 pendemic has somewhat reduce employment among the youth of the country and that includes the hospitality industries. So we decided to go for a holiday, this time to Penang. Last Thursday with daughter Lin driving the Accord we left KL at 7.30am to avoid the rain as well the traffic jam. We just stop at a few rest areas and had refreshments in the car only to avoid delay in getting to the island. At 4.30pm we were already on the new bridge heading for Bayan Lepas where our second granddaughter live. It was a smooth ride to her condo near the Health clinic where she works. We had lunch and took a good rest before proceeding to our hotel at Batu Peringgi. We arrived at the hotel just before 3pm and noticed the reception are crowded with tourists. We took a seat  while daughter Lin took care with the registration. We were later told that the twin rooms we request is not ready and that we had to wait till 4.30pm. As a courtesy the Assistant Manager took us to the waiting area and provides us with sort of complimentry high tea while we wait. We while the time there and eventually got our rooms on the fourth floor. It was a huge rooms with a common area with dinning space. Later our granddaughter brought foods and we decide to just enjoy the the dinner there. The next day after breakfast we decided to move to another resort not that far away with better facilities also at Batu Peringgi where we spend two nights. We got an extra room for our granddaughter and her husband.  Our grandson tag along and share a room with me. So it was sort of a family get together. The weather was kind to us, so we had a great time at the beach. To regress a little, I notice at both hotels that we stayed the majority of guests are the Melayu family with many kids. They had brought along their aged parents too. I notice the numbers at 95 percent Melayu during breakfast and at the cekin and cekout time at both hotels. How interesting! I was delighted  to see the numbers of middle class Melayu doing their bits in helping the hospitality industry back into business again. In a way it shows the success of the DEB. As a government officer that was involved in the planning and implementing the New Economics Policy from the early seventies I am indeed happy to get to see the success of the DEB. Alhamdulillah. 

Have a nice day. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Birds...

I have tried to post video from the Blogger platform on the Smartphone but was not possible because there are no interface or tools to do so. So far I could only post photos and not video. I am bogginng this post both from the cellphone and the laptop. The old interface are gone on the laptop and only a few tools are now availble to do the posting.  BTW all my recent posting are done from the cellphone. I took this video using the cellphone and had to tranfer the above image to the laptop before I gould upload it here. Anyway here it goes. 

 I love to see little animals like squirrel and birds in my little garden. To attract them to come and go freely I hang a bird feeder and every morning I would put foods like bread and fruits to feed on.  Normally squirrel and the Merbau birds would come to feed but this morning I was happy to see many small birds starts to patronise my little garden. As can be seen in  these video that I took this morning these little birds are seen chirping happily, perhaps enjoying the snacks including the nectar from the flowers available there. I never like to put animals in cages so I decided to create an environment that would draw these small ├ánimals. As they often say create a conducive environment and they would come. As can be seen indeed it works. I am delighted and hopes more birds and other small animals would made the garden their habitat as well. 

Well folks, life is like that. Have a nice day.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

The colour of our foods...

Yes colour play a very important part of our food for it is because of a beautiful presentation that we get attracted to food. Remember we taste food first with our eyes, then with our nose. Only after that we taste it with our mouth. Had the presentation is dull we may just skipped it and move on to the next dish. Once both our senses gives us a positive input only then we put that food into our mouth. That is why foods comes in a multitude of colours. The plants want us to look at it and enjoy. Even if we did not eat it at least would have enjoyed the plants. That is how nature provides us human with the choice in life which includes the food that sustained our lives. Alhamdulillah. 

The above combinations are Nenek's choice in the preparation of her dish today; it may go into the Cicit's soup or Rice porridge for the adults in the family. At the same times she is enjoying the ritual of cooking and that colours add to her enjoyment. Well folks good cooking is the way to the stomach, for the well fed are always happy. We all do agree with that kan!

Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Moon...

5.12 2020 is one bright morning. It the 19th day of the Hijrah month of  Rabuilakhir 1442. I went out and look at the sky and saw the moon up above. Such a beautiful sight to watch and wonder the heaven. I am sort of fascinated with the moon from an early age. My grandmother says that we must respect the moon and not to point a finger to the moon. She say that there is a Nenek Kebayan on the  moon and we kids believe it for we consider Nenek is a wise person. As I grow up and have my own camera to shoot the moon my fascination with the moon continue.  Now with the Mirrorless camera and the 200mm lens I could easily get a good image of the moon whenever it appears in the night sky or in the morning. 

Because of the monsoon season  the sky is hardly clear so for months I did not get to watch the moon. And today I saw it in front of my house. I took my EOS Mirrorless M5 and with the 200mm lens took several shots and sharing it here for everyone to enjoy much as I had enjoyed snapping it.

Have a nice day. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Bulan Dicember 2020...

Dah bulan Disember 2020. Hari in ialah satu haribulan. Dengan secawan Teh Tarek saya duduk diserambi dan menulis ini. Nenek kat dapur seperti biasa memasak. Kesukaan dia, satu ritual setiap hari. Atas nasihat anak anak pada masa in dia hanya memasak empat hari je dalam seminggu. Hari Jumaat hingga ke Ahad dia tidak memasak. Kita berdua makan apa yang ada atau beli lauk dari warong atau makanan siap kat Fastfood yang berdekatan. 

Semalam kami dikejutkan oleh kembalinya kerahmatullah saorang kawan rapat anak sulong dan menantu. Kita datang dan kita pergi, begitulah hukum alam. Alfatihah.  

Sebagai saorang tua saya bersyukor telah dikurniakan dengan kesihatan yang baik dan sentiasa dikeliling dengan kegembiraan sepanjang masa dengan anak cucu cicit dan menantu. Satusatunya nikmat yang dikurniakan ilahi. Alhamdulillah. Begitulah ada nya. 

Ceria selalu. 


Sunday, November 29, 2020

The Cengal.

Cengal is the hardest tropical wood in the Malayan forest. In most traditional Malay house the Cengal timber are use for the main structure that are subjected to the elements. Other hard wood like Resah are use as well. For interior Meranti are use. Cengal timber would outlasted the lifetime and could be use again and again for hundreds of years. The above image is that of the fence of my patio that are subjected to the elements of the tropical weather; the harsh rains and the hot and humid weather throughout the years.  I got.these fence done by craftsman from Petani who brought the timber too. They were doing the Cengal flooring at our  eldest daughter's house and I took the opportunity to get them do the fence at my house. I dream of living in a traditional Malay house so I did some renovations to my terres house in Ampang Jaya by adding some aspects of tradition like the Serambi as well. Here I  did the works myself. Since its  not subjected to the elements I use mostly Meranti.  Well folks as the saying goes the uses of Cengal is the wisdom of the old.  

Have a nice day.