Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Nutritious Vegetable dish......

As a child I normally did not like vegetable but then mom always see to it that we take even a little of vegetable with our meals. Our diet was always consisting of Rice, Fish and Vegetable stir fry or eaten raw as in Ulam. Both Red meats or Chicken was not a normal diet for folks at that time. Folks only cook Chicken or Beef maybe once or twice a year and that comes during the festival of Eid. Anyway even without Meats or Chicken folks had all the nutritions to keep them as healthy. As a family we always have vegetable on the table for lunch or dinner. My spouse always enjoys her meal with vegetable although I can go without it. Anyway, we always have vegetable on the table come what may. Now at this age especially after my surgery two years ago I have completely taken meats out of my diet and concentrate on fish and vegetable only. I felt good after that change of diet. So now there are more vegetable dishes on the table for the family. Above is one vegetable dish that I like most since I was a kid. It today's menu, a combination of Tau Foo, Taugeh, and Kucai. It is stir fry lightly and done in mere minutes. It not only tasty but nutritious as well. I always enjoy it with white Rice. 

Have a nice day

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Chinese Boy call Ciput...

During my childhood in the forties a Chinese boy with Pigtail hairdo live in our kampong in Kuantan. To keep it neat he often made it into a Bun. He sells vegetables and fish to the kampong folks. Kampong folks call him Ciput as in Siput the Malay for such hairdo. In those days only woman folks had this kind of hairdo. His face is full of pimples or scars left perhaps by Chicken pox. He looks weird and we kids are frightened of his look. Sangat takut. Mother would say if we are naughty we would be given to Ciput. It does frighten us. As we grow older we began to like him, and he became a part of our growing up life. My brother allows him to live at the shack behind his house until he died of old age. He left whatever money he had to his Clan association. Other than that, he did not leave anything except small items that he use in the house and his working tool the Dacing. 

An item of some value that he left is the Dacing, a traditional Chinese Scale for measuring the weight for good that he sells. My brother handed the Dacing to me for keeping, it is now in my collection of antique. Indeed, a unique piece of history of this boy who left China at a young age and makes his living hawking good to folks in the kampong. 

As years goes on he became a friend of the folks in the kampong.  Indeed, an interesting character that touches our life as a child as well during my youth in Kuantan. The image of Ciput is still as vivid in my mind. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Door Bell...

This happened a few days ago. The doorbell rang and within seconds it rang again. I never like someone to ring the bell twice in such a short time. I look and it the Newspaper boy coming to collect the payment. [BTW I did not read any newspapers now, it for my spouse who still want to read] Of course I was furious for ringing the bell twice in mere seconds. Anyway, I went to look for the bill and collect my wallet to make the payment. As soon as I get to the gate the Boy ask me DID I HEAR THE BELL! He said he could not hear it; surely, he cannot hear it, he was wearing a padded Helmet. Moreover, the sound is to be heard inside the house and not outside. I was angry at him to expect me to materialize in front of him in mere seconds. I told him that and it takes minutes to get from inside the house to the front gate; it may take five minutes! I told him he should check his watch before pressing the Bell the second time. I just cannot condone such a stupid act. It does spoil my day! The next time I would just let him wait and wait. I don't care anymore. 

Have a nice day.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Of Photography, the Rainfalls...

I have always love the rain, the sound and the smell of rain always made me happy. I believe it all because I was born and grew up on the east coast of Malaya where it often rains. During the Northeast Monsoon it rains cat and dog for three months from November to January every year. The temperature would go down to below twenty degrees Celsius and at time even the Coconut 0il would solidified. Folks would go to work using umbrella or raincoat.  Now it January and it rain off and on here in Ampang in the state of Selangor on the west coast where we live now. I would sit at the Serambi/Patio of my house and enjoy the rainfall making it noise outside the house. As usual it nostalgic, it brought back memories of my youth living in Kuantan. Today as I sat there with my two cats, Kenet and Tam I watch and feel and smell the rains. I then took my camera and try to snap an image of the rainfalls. Above is that image that I took of the rainfalls. It not easy to get such image but I am happy that I got it. It does shows the rainfalls. I took that image using my latest Mirrorless camera the Canon EOS M5 using a 2000mm telephoto lens. Enjoy it folks as much as I had enjoyed snapping it. 

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dry Roses....

I have always love flowers thus I tried to plant it in my little garden but as usual it does not last long except for the Bougainvillea, Bauhinia kockiana, Allamanda and some little White which flowers throughout the years. I have both flowers grown at the front of my garage and it does colored the front of my house.  Another flower that I like and could not grow is the Rose. It need a cool weather like in the highland to grow well. When it is brought to the lowland and sold it does not last long, the most is one week if placed in a cool place in the house. Although it has such a short lifespan it does give so much love with its glorious colors and fragrance. I love Roses and from time to time would buy it especially on a special day like birthday or anniversary. The above dry roses are the one which I bought last year. I dried it and have been displayed in the house, still giving so much loves despite it already dried. True as they say that flowers are the keepers of our joy. Yes, indeed flower always made me happy. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year 2018....

Good morning folks, yesterday we welcome the new year 2018 and I am getting older as well. Life if like that and I have no complain. 2017 had been a good year for me and the family with two of the granddaughter got married, one in late 2016 and the other in early 2017. As usual I do hope live would continue to be good. Let us move and keep the peace of the country; with peace we all could continue to enjoy prosperity. Here are some images of the last day of 2017 and the minutes of the arrival of the year 2018. 

Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Traditional delights...

In the Malay culture food and its preparation is an art by itself. Simple stuff may in an instance turns into a snack for tea or dessert for after lunch or dinner. Some of the basic are the Banana, Tapioca, boiled or fried with a few ingredients added became a specialty of the day. The other day while in Kuantan my brother had offer us some Ubi Kayu [Tapioca] that he had grown beside his house. My nephew who live there went to get it for us and we brought it to KL. Not knowing what to do with it as yet. 

On our return to KL with my nephew driving we decided to take it easy and arrange to have lunch with a relative at Temerloh. I decided to call the relative just after we left Kuantan and suggested that he and his spouse meet us for lunch at Temerloh; Ikan Patin the river fish, a specialty in that part of the country was in my mind. He says on Sunday the restaurant that I referred to is closed and suggested that we go to another restaurant and give us the direction to get there. We drove on and taking the old road to Temerloh we soon met at as restaurant near the old bridge that span the Pahang River. We order lunch which includes the Ikan Patin.and Baung, the river fish a specialty of the part of the country. We sat to enjoy our lunch while chatting along. 

Then as we were about to finish our lunch a woman helper came with a tray of dessert that we had not ordered. She says this is a compliment from the house and we should try it.  It turns out to be the Pengat Pisang [Banana Porridge]. We thank her and dug into the bowl and enjoy it. It tastes good and found it to be well done and soon I had another helping. They had use Pisang Nangka and Gula Gabong, both combination that made this Pengat Pisang so special. 

Back in KL my spouse had the Ubi Kayu boiled and cook a Sambal Tumis Bilis, a good combination to enjoy the boiled Tapioca for breakfast or at any time of the day. I bought freshly scraped Coconut and enjoy the Ubi Kayu the traditional way. The Ubi Kayu that my brother had planted turns out to be of good quality and taste as great. The whole family did enjoy the special boiled Ubi Kayu which during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya was just a poor folks diet. Now it is considered one of the luxury to be enjoyed from time to time only. Well folks that was that, enjoying some simple traditional foods that had been passed down for generations. 

Have a nice day.