Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Driving to KLCC . ..

This morning I decide to drive to KLCC to get some items that could be got only there. I have not driven the Accord to KLCC for some  times already. The furthest I drive nowadays is to Ampang Point, a mall that is just one and half kilometres away. KLCC is ten kilometers right to the parking lots. To and fro it twenty kilometers. An easy drive from my home in Ampang Jaya using the Ahlek elevated highway. Just before ten in the morning I left the house and got there before ten. Parked my car at level three and went into the mall after going through the Covid19 ritual of unsing the MySejahtera App. There were not many people at this early hour. Straight away I walk to M & S and got a few packages of our favourite biscuits. Then went to Kinokuniya to looks for books. I left kino without getting any book and took the escalator down to the Isetan supermarket and bought two whole roasted Black pepper chicken that my spouse had suggested that I buy. I then got to my car and drove back home with a stop at a pharmacy near the Naan corner. After getting what I need got home. Well folks driving is a passion of mine since  I starts driving in the sixties. So today I felt real good driving the twenty kilometers to and fro KLCC.  The toll and the parking cost me RM10.00 for that  one hour trip.  Well folks how I wished I could drive further. At this age it not possible. In fact before I left the house this morning Asmah quip 'Gi dengan driver' (Our eldest daughter got a driver and a car if I need) I said no. She is concerned me driving alone. I am driving I told her and left. I went and back home in just an hour. Well folks life is like that  in the golden years. Above is a photo I took last evening from the front of my house  in Ampang Jaya.  

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Cat @ Kuching...

Cat have been around since I could remember. It has always been part of the family. I just could not remember the numbers of cats that have been iiving with us all those years. Anyway our life have been like that alway with one or more cat at our home. Just until a few months ago we had two cats that live at the Serambi but are allows to come into the house from time to time. They are Tam and Kenet. Tam died a few months ago and now we just have Kenet that I raised from a little kitten. We also have an indoor cat, a British Short hair who live in the house only. We call him Boiboy. He is Nenek's favourite. Anyway to us cats do gives so much loves and sort of a good therapeutic relationship for us human and animals. I noticed that Kenet love to sit by the sejadah during solat time. It been sort of a ritual to him. Well folks life is like that and I am enjoying it. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Hard copy of Photo...

In the early days of photography the only way one can immortalized one's image is to get it done at the Photo studio. Before that through paintings or sculptures and it never reach to anyone in the society. Only photography allows everyone to get a photo of oneself. Now anyone with the Smartphone could photographed anything he or she wishes and kept that images in the computer or in the Clouds. The question here is it save, what with the ever changing technology. Remember all the images stored in the floppy disk and disket can no longer be retrieved and I believed even the VCD and the DVD would be obsolete soon. So if you had not turn all the images or at least a few into hard copy you are going for a  shocked!  With the ever changing technology you would no longer be able to see those memories of yours. Recently my eldest granddaughter phone caput and she lost all the photos of her first child. She cried! Lucky for her the others in the family kept some images of our first great grandchildren. I told her to make hard copy but she did not. In fact I took the trouble to print some hard copy and in a way saved the day. Remember technology changes at a lighting speed and if we did not do a hard copy of digitized products probably we are going to lose it for good. So folks do make a ritual of printing a few images every few months so that those memories get immortalized. I did! 

The above image of an event in the early seventies is from a hard copy in my album. It shows me with Pak Lah ( later became the 5th PM) the Director of Youth in the Ministry of CYS Malaysia. I was then his Assistant Director. We were then in our early thirties. 

Have a nice day. 

Sunday, October 4, 2020

A Resort Living...

When I was working I used to stay in hotels or resort. Everything in a hotel looks great to stay but it cost. So when I retired  I decided to turn my house into sort of a resort living standard. Why not since we have the space. I decided to do the interior only and since it a terres house I did little on the outside except plant more green to keep the front of the house cool. Interior deco is my forte so it only takes my imagination and times to get whatever I want to reality. No fees needed ha ha! With the money I got in retirement I started to works on my dream. I tell myself that take one step a time. So after coming back from the US in 1999. (We live in Boston for one year to takes care of our three grandchildren while our eldest daughter and her husband did their post graduate studies at Harvard University) So after a month of back in our house I start planning. Got a contractor to do the major works. First change the flooring to laminated woods and construct a wooden Serambi with the major works done by a contractor and the detail woodwork I did it myself since I had the skill and times to do it. It takes many moons to get the whole  project completed. There was no need to rush because works of art need to be done with love and passion. No rushing. For woodwork at the Serambi I set up a workshop at the garage and work there for almost three months to get it completed. I used Meranti for the interior which I did it myself. As for the fencing that is subjected to the elements I got a skillful craftsman from Petani who was then doing works at our daughter's house, to works on the Cengal fencing. Over times I got things in placed and voila! I got myself a resort living space but with no sea front. Ampang Jaya is in the middle of Selangor so my preferred beach is still in Kuantan, my hometown which is three hours away. So now we got to live in our own resort and go to Kuantan to enjoy the beach at Teluk Cempedak. In fact we were there yesterday to enjoy the extensions of our resort living. Well we can't have it all but it OK for life is like that.  

Have a nice day. 

Friday, October 2, 2020

Balik Kampong.. Kuantan . ..

Daughter Lin had a job to do in Kuantan. Nenek ask me 'na gi ke'. Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang. Sure I want to go to Kuantan, my home town. Since I retires I always try to balik kampong once in two or three months and stay for a few days. If Nenek did not want to come along it was OK with me. I would get my eldest daughter's driver to send me and I would stay at the usual hotel which I call my home in Kuantan but now as I ages I can no longer go alone anywhere. This time with Nenek going too I decided to follow. We arrived yesterday and are staying at the Kuantan Hyatt at Teluk Cempedak. Teluk Cempedak used to be my playground during my childhood where we as Boy scout would go camping on weekends. The sea and the beach soon became part of my DNA...  I soon felt in love with the sea, the beach and the surrounding natures. From thence onward the call of the sea is always there. I am most happy whenever I get connected with the sea especially at Teluk Cempedak. So here am I watching the rising sun after Suboh this morning. As usual the raising sun always facinate me.  A magnificent sight to watch and wonder indeed. Folks that is Life in the golden years. 

Have a nice day.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Saturday thoughts...

Good Morning, it a gorgeous Saturday, the last weekend in September 2020. There is an election going on in the state of Sabah on the island of Borneo. Hope it went well and we see a new state government that could provides good governance to the rakyat there. For today I would like to share my thoughts on the role of the Social media in our lives. I always love technology and decides to use it the best I could. After I retired from the government service in 1990 I tried to find a way to share my thoughts using the new found means, the Internet. After experimenting a few ways I found blogging. It a platform to write and share one's thoughts in a blog. Even the word blog is new, so in 2003 I tried using to share my thoughts. At that juncture of my life after retirement what else could I do except to share my thoughts and voila I found a way in blogging. At that time one had to pay a small fee to use the Blogger platform, so I join in and start blogging. To insert images and provides link we had to write a computer coding of which Blogger folks taught us to do. So slowly I learn the basic of coding, ha ha! It works. Then was bought over by Google and we were given free to use the platform. As we move on a new interface was introduced making it much easier to blog. Soon the number of bloggers increases and the Malaysian blogger community was born and established. We are linked and at time meet in person or in large group where cyber folks met in the real world. We made friends and life became more interesting. Soon the Blogger community increases in numbers to some 600 thousands. To cut the story short then Facebook arrived and the Blogger community dwindle and only the hard core including me stayed. I too join FB but continues to blog but over time I found FB is too stressful. It does not made me happy especially when bantering. I want to be in a Social Media platform that made me happy. I tried to leave FB and it was not easy and only after a fourth try did I succeeded in getting out of FB. Voila I won! So I continue to blog and enjoy sharing my thoughts. Well folks the  Social Media is a good platform but only if it made one happy and not otherwise.  

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ubi Kayu dan Kelapa...

The weather has been unpredictable. All of a sudden it may rains. It pours for hours and stop. Now at past 2pm it cloudy. Nice to sit at the Serambi to while the time away with a hot Kopi O. Yesterday I got some Ubi Kayu or Tapioca and now enjoying it the traditional way with finely  graded coconut slightly sweeten. I love to enjoy it that way. Not always but a once a while affair getting in touch with the past. During the Japanese occupation of Malaya from 1941 to 1945 it was the staple foods for most folks since rice was almost nonexistent. Because of having too much tapioca there were malnutrition among the population which led to deceases including Scavy.  I was born in 1939 so it was the period I grew up, watching the Japanese flags flown everywhere. Our family had rice all throughout the occupation because my father run a Kedai Nasi and could get the supply of rice. I start school in 1946 after the war. As usual at that time the Malay went to the Malay school. At that time it was call Sekolah Pondok. Anyway after 2 years in the Malay school  I got into the Special Malay class for two years, a condition to prepare us to study at the English school. Well now Ubi Kayu rebus or goreng or prepared into other traditional kueh are for Tea time or at party. It now something special. Like now I am enjoying it with Black Coffee,  heaven indeed.  

Have a nice day