Monday, May 23, 2016

Melor [Jasmine]...

I have always love and appreciate flowers. Melor or Jasmin is one special flowers that I had always seen been grown by the Malay in the Kampong. Today I do grow it in my Little Garden.  This flower is gorgeous. It not only is as white and good looking but with gentle fragrance too. Malay woman would use it to add its special aroma to the Coconut oil that in those days is use on hair to give it a healthy growth. It is also adorning on woman's hair to give it an elegant and radiant look against the blackness of the hair. By itself at time folks would otherwise just takes a glimpse of it and leave it alone without appreciating its beauty. But the camera allows us to enjoy that beauty in the comfort of our home, thus give it sort of an immortality that we could appreciate all the times. The Melor is an elegant flower in its own right. Enjoy it folks as much as I had enjoyed snapping this image. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meeting Her and the Beginning...

The year was 1961, the month was November, that much I could remember. I am not sure of the date, anyway it soon became a day on that month which became significant to my life. I was then just 21 years old. It was the day that I met her. A friend Mokhtar who work at the Cold Storage shop nearby the Telecom Exchange where she works and know her ask me whether I would like to go to his friend house at the Transit Quarters. He had been there before where with the others would spend the evening playing card games to amuse themselves. Another girl live there too and actually he had wanted to meet her who share the two rooms house. At that time, I had a Vespa Scooter and one evening with Mokhtar the friend from the Cold Storage went to her house at Jalan Cenor. I was introduced to her and we sat among the others to play some card games.  It was a nice game. We did not stay long and after a while we left the house. That was the beginning of the many other visits to her house. We soon became very close friend, sort of my girlfriend. With the scooter it was easy to move around in the small town of Kuantan. From time to time we would go out for lunch or dinner or to the cinema to enjoy a good film. Later on I took her just to while the times away together at the beach as far as Batu Hitam in Baserah. It was nice to have a girlfriend since before that not many girls want to be my close friends. One of the reason could be that I am darker than the ordinary Malay who are mostly brown and not the children of the government officers. Anyway meeting her was one of the best thing that happens to me for now I truly have a person that I could call as my girlfriend. One thing led to another until one day she told me that her brother in law who is close to her had reminded her that she should only be close to a man if that man had the intention of marrying her. I told her that I would surely marry her for at that time I was already in love with her. She too was in love with me. She would soon address me as Da. I would then call her Ling. That stuck to our hearts and it goes on until now.

For not to waste time I told my Mom and Dad that I wanted to marry her. They had no objection and my father eventually went to Temerloh to meet her brother in law and talk about our marriage. Before that I wrote to her brother in law and his reply was positive. Her brother in law Hj.Nurin works with the government and stationed at Temerloh. He lives at a rented house there with his wife, my girlfriend's elder sister. Her mother who did not have a house of her own live there too. To regress a little, after her father died her mother told her to stop schooling at Form four and seek employment so as to help support her mother since she had no other means of income. She got employed as a Telephonist’ at the Telecom Department in Kuala Lumpur in 1957 at the age of seventeen. She works in Kuala Lumpur for a few years and later got transferred to the Kuantan Telecom Exchange.  In Kuantan at first she stayed at the house of a married office-mate at Jalan Abdul Rahman. Later on she managed to get a government quarter at Jalan Cenor at the Transit Quarters which she shared with another girl. It was at this house that I first I met her that day in November 1961.  Three months later on February 3, 1962 I got married to her at her brother in law's house in Temerloh.  She is Asmah Abdul Rahman, now my wife, my lover and my friend. She is now seventy-six and I seventy-seven years old. We are actually six months different in age; she is six months younger than me. Both of us were not from a well to do family. My father run a restaurant in Kuantan. I went to work in 1958 as soon as I passed the Secondary School Examination. I was then nineteen.  As for her she had to stop schooling before completing her Secondary school and starts working in 1957 at an early age of seventeen. To add color to this episode of my life journey I recently found this entry in my 1962 Diary which refer to the day we got married....

" Left Kuantan at 2pm for Temerloh in a chartered Bus. Reached Temerloh at 5pm.  Got married to Asmah at 9.05pm. Feast and left for home at 11pm, reached Kuantan at 1.20am. "

That folks are episodes of the journey of my life. It was a colorful journey indeed.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Periwinkle .....

As usual with a new camera one have to start learning of how to use it. This new Mirrorless Camera; the Canon EOS M10 is using the latest  technology in the world of photography. I  am starting to  have a hang of it. For the last few days I have been photographing flowers in the Little Garden. This is the image of the Periwinkle flower that is in the garden. I am sharing it here for all to see the result of my new adventure in  field of digital photography using the Mirrorless camera. 

Have a nice day.