Monday, April 25, 2016

The Mirrorless Camera...

Yesterday April 24 I decided to move forward in photography, a hobby of mind. I invested on the latest camera; the Mirrorless Camera. Mirrorless camera with interchange lens is actually the DSLR that have been reduced in size by removing the mirror in the DSLR. Without the mirrors that reflect the images the new SLR has been reduced in size and not bulky like the DSLR. It at the same time is much lighter than the DSLR. It could easily replaced the DSLR for a real adventure into real  photography. After looking and reviewing all the Mirrorless cameras on the market I decided to purchased the Canon EOS M10. Above is my first attempt taking a closeup of object using the camera. It does look great and I am learning the best way to get better images as I move on in the world of Mirrorless Camera. 

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Coma-Spiritual Journey...

I thought and thought and thought whether I should share this rare moment in my life. It about my personal space that happens when I was in a Coma for a week after the surgery on August 26, 2015. After much deliberation with myself, God willing I am sharing it here. During the period I was in Coma I did not know anything of what happens to my physical body. Only my loved one and relatives who was at my bedside could tell what happens. A few months after I return to my home I managed to get some information from a relative who made constant contact by WhatsApp to my two daughters throughout the period I was in Coma. I learn later that I lost blood and had blood transfusion, my lung did not function and they had to use a Respirator to keep me breathing, they had  to pump  me  with various drugs and of  course keep the liquid in my body by the drips; despite that I  lost 15 kilos in that one week. Thus I could understand how frantic the situation was with my loved one, all stress up and depressed to the extreme until I woke up almost a week later. Till today I did not ask my wife, daughters and grandchildren of what happens during the time I was in coma. I did not want them to relived those period of agony. Anyway my wife did say I was at one point in a critical condition. I thank immensely all my loved one and relatives for been there during the trying times. No words could convey my sincere thoughts for their loves.

Here what happens. Folks, as soon as I was anesthetized for the surgery this is what I remember vividly till now. For the want of a better word I shall describe it as a Spiritual journey to describe the happening. I was on the bed and was moving from one place to another in a tranquil environment in peace and harmony. The whole surrounding was in soft light and beautiful. Although my physical body was in pain [I  later  learn] the spiritual journey was a beautiful trip where I did not feel any pain at all. My mind was peaceful, calm and serene and in harmony with the situation; in a space without time and distance. In a few words it was simply beautiful and placid. I kept moving and in one moment I had a glimpse of my loved one. I kept on moving and moving and saw some images of box like images been unfolded one by one smoothly as I go along and continue to move slowly. Then I came to a stop; a few moments later I woke up and saw the environment of the hospital with my physical body all strap-up and wired with tubes and my loved one around the bed. In the real world it was more than a week, for when I woke up it was September 2015 but the period of my spiritual journey to my mind was just a moment in times; it was just a glimpse; short and sweet. And now I am still recuperating and getting better by days. Perhaps God has other plan for me and that heaven can wait.

Thanks folks for your prayers. Appreciate it.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Cats, Their prey and Thank you...

For two successive days I found dead lizard [just killed] on the mat of our front door. Tiger and Tam who live at the patio outside did not touch it. Normally cats eats their prey. I have been wondering why. I told Asmah and our daughter Lin  of what happened. To me it rather strange that the two cats does not eat it like cats normally do to their catch. Lin an anthropologist quip perhaps its the work of Tiger and Tam giving us their precious catch  to us to say Thank You to us for taking care of them. I know animals often bring home their catch but did not realized that the two alley cats Tiger and Tam that we had adopted did this. Anyway thanks Tiger and Tam for the generous offer; we really appreciate it. Well folks what say you about this beautiful story of our world! It does made  me cry!  

Have a nice day.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Another Doctor in the Family...

Today is a very special day for  us, for on  this Monday 4, 2016 the third generation of the family start to work in the Public Sector. It our grandchild; Afiqah Aminuddin is the first grandchild to be graduated as a Medical Doctor. She starts to work today at the University Malaya Medical Center where she would spend two years doing housemanship there. She graduated from University of Manchester in July last year after studying there for five years. Yesterday I wish here well, telling her that is the beginning of her life in the real world and that to do her best in her career.  

Have a nice day.

Friday, April 1, 2016

I Love Roses...

Yes, truly I love Roses. It one of the flowers that's great to give as a gift from time to time to your love one.  Its colors always captivate me and it always create an atmosphere of beauty and love. I have tried to grow Roses in my garden but to no success. The heat and humidity of the tropic made it almost impossible to grow it. Anyway Roses could grow well in the highland of this country like in the Cameron Highland where the air is cool just like in the temperate zone. Because of that we can get a regular supply of this enchanting flowers all the year around at the Florist. On March 7 this year I bought a bunch of Roses for my wife 76th Birthday. She placed it in a crystal vase and there it looks elegant and at the same time charmed the atmosphere around it. Roses like any other flowers does not last long in the heat of the tropical weather. It would soon wilted after serving it purpose. During that few days it sat on the table it does radiated love and peace to the people around it, enchanting the atmosphere in the house with love as well. I learned that Roses could be dried and use longer than its fresh live. So before it wilted I decided to dry it the way I know best. I dried it and two weeks after that voila! I got the same Roses in dry form. 

I put it back in the same crystal vase and it is now a permanent feature on the table in our dining hall.

Above are the images of the Fresh Roses as well the Dried one. Wonderful indeed.   

Have a nice day.