Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Cats, Their prey and Thank you...

For two successive days I found dead lizard [just killed] on the mat of our front door. Tiger and Tam who live at the patio outside did not touch it. Normally cats eats their prey. I have been wondering why. I told Asmah and our daughter Lin  of what happened. To me it rather strange that the two cats does not eat it like cats normally do to their catch. Lin an anthropologist quip perhaps its the work of Tiger and Tam giving us their precious catch  to us to say Thank You to us for taking care of them. I know animals often bring home their catch but did not realized that the two alley cats Tiger and Tam that we had adopted did this. Anyway thanks Tiger and Tam for the generous offer; we really appreciate it. Well folks what say you about this beautiful story of our world! It does made  me cry!  

Have a nice day.

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