Monday, March 28, 2016

Ikan Singgang....

Ikan Singgang is  one traditional Malay dish that is simple to do. Yet it is not only delicious but nutritious as well. Its one dish that you can find in the Malay world, perhaps call by other names, nevertheless it is still Ikan Singgang. It is the creation of our ancestors where fish have always been their main protein source; sort of the wisdom of the old. A wise creation indeed and because of it we still kept enjoying it  I have always love Ikan Singgang especially when Ikan Aya [Tuna fish] is use but it always taste as good even with other fish like Tenggiri or Kerisi. When making this simple dish one herb/spice that is a must is Lengkuas [Galangal] for without it the Singgang is not complete. The above image of Ikan Singgang is made with Ikan Tenggiri. Delicious as usual. Taken with steamy white rice and Budu [Anchovies sauce] or Sambal Belacan [Shrimp sauce] it is heaven already. 

I posted that image on Facebook and below are two informative comments made there by two of my Facebook friends:-

Nik Mohd Maseri Seafarers food, when sailing, they put out their fishing lines, and the fish caught is made into a soup, from items they take along with them: galangal, ginger, etc. Filipinos call it sinigan.

Kamariah Jaafar In the early 50’s I was living in Paloh Hinai, a village downriver 26 miles from Pekan. Supply of seawater fish came in the form of “ikan singgang” brought by the boat that called regularly at Paloh Hinai. One most awaited fare that the boat brought was “ikan singgang”. Another fare was “budu” or “peda” which was anchovies cured in salt and “asam .”Singgang is a fish dish. The singgang that was eagerly awaited by the inhabitants of the Pahang river banks was made from kerisi. Having been gutted and washed the fish are arranged in an earthenware pot. In alternate layers of fish and asam keping, rock salt, slices of galangal, garlic and chilli padi. This was then boiled for a few hours. The much enjoyed dish singgang was served with small chillies, the hottest variety.A piece of history from my childhood taken from my memoirs..

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Ciaara T. Paen said...

Hi Pak, which restaurant can we get to eat this ikan singgang in Klang Valley?
Tqvm for the info!

Pak Idrus said...

Ciaara T. Paen, thanks for the visit. Well actually I do not really know where or which restaurant served this. I always take it at home. I would ask around for you but if you want to do it yourself I can give you the recipe thanks.