Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Very Very Short Holiday...

I am still recuperating from my last surgery and have not been outside the city for almost a year.  I told my spouse and my kids that I wanted to go somewhere near the sea. Perhaps Port Dickson is the best place and not that far away from Kuala Lumpur; it an about two hours drive. I love the sea and beaches since I grew up  in a town near the sea on the east coast of Malaya; Kuantan. So the sea always refreshes me and a visit now would be just lovely for my health. So last Sunday on the suggestion of our daughter Lin we decided to go to Port Dickson for an overnight stay at one of the luxury hotel there, the Thistle Hotel. With Lin driving we left the house just after ten in the morning. It was nice to be able to sit at the back seat of the car and enjoy the ride. We stop over at the Seremban Rest and Recreation area and had our lunch before proceeding to Port Dickson. 

On arrival at the hotel in Port Dickson we found may people checking-out and our rooms are not as yet ready. So we sat at the lounge and enjoy Coffee amid the beautiful surrounding of the hotel lobby on one side and the swimming pool on the other. Just about five hundred meters away is the sea with its blue water seen glittering like the sparks of diamond as its reflects the light of the midday sun. The service here is a bit slow and we just wait and our coffee eventually arrived. We then sat to enjoy the coffee and the cakes. The coffee were good, so is the cakes. We sat there and enjoy while waiting for our rooms to be ready. After a while we got the keys to the rooms. My spouse with our daughter Lin decided to check in first and take a rest but I have not finished my coffee; so I continue to sit there and enjoy my coffee. While there a group of gorgeous young woman approach me to take a group photo of them enjoying their holiday there. I took a few snap from one of their phone as well with mine. I told them that I would posted their picture on FB and they have no objection.

After a while I decided to get to the room for a short rest before going out to explore Port Dickson which I have not visited for many years. At just after four in the afternoon with our daughter driving the Honda we went to the Waterfront on Port Dickson; a new development on a reclaimed land near the sea there. The photos on the left are of  us at the Waterfront. Since it was too early to have dinner we decided to have some refreshment at a Starbucks outlet there. The outlet was a bit noisy and unlike the Starbucks that we used to visit in Kuala Lumpur. I was not that happy with that kind of environment, so uncultured and felt sick. I told my spouse that I would like to go back to the hotel and take a rest before dinner. We drove back to the hotel and took a good rest before dinner. Our daughter Lin decided to go out and buy a takeaway for diner. It was a good idea and we could enjoy it our own way in the hotel room. At just after eight in the evening she came back with a spreads of foods for diner which she bought at a restaurant nearby. We sat down and had a hearty dinner of  white rice with Roasted fish, Tomyam, Fried Khylan with salted fish and Omelet. Other than rice we also have Fried Mee Hoon.  Since I was rather  tired after that ride from KL  I decided to call the day off and had a good night sleep. 

The next morning I woke  up early and went for a walk at the beach and while there took this image of a man with his net trying to catch fish. It was a really good opportunity for me to take such a snap of the man in action. I then enjoy more photography with my DSLR and the cellphone camera and after awhile call my spouse and told her that I am down here and would go for breakfast. She said to go ahead and that they would be coming when ready. I then went to the Coffee House and enjoy my breakfast. Soon my spouse and our daughter Lin arrived and join me. 

The  breakfast spread was good and appetizing and we all did enjoy that breakfast which is part of the hotel package charges. After that I went to the room while my spouse and our daughter Lin went have a walk at the beach. 

We checkout of the hotel at noon and went to see the place of the Raptor Watch come March 12 at Tanjung Tuan. Here migratory birds from the northern region would arrived in droves to enjoy their stop before moving to the southern atmosphere. So from March 12 this place would be crowded with birdwatcher from all over the country, as well from overseas. 

After that we decided to drive back to KL with a stop at Seremban to enjoy the Cendol and Rojak there. Getting to the restaurant where the Hj.Sharif Cendol is was not that easy since it was lunch time and moreover we are not used to the route. Anyhow after a few glitch Lin our daughter who was driving managed to get us there. We did enjoy the food and drinks and the short rest before proceeding back to our home in Ampang Jaya.

We arrived home at past 3pm after a realy enjoyable time on this very very short holiday in Port Dickson. 

Have a nice day.

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