Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Livingstyle Of Malaysian...

A few days ago I decided to venture a bit, to have a look at the  living habitat of the high income Malaysian at a high-end Condominium at Pandan. I follow X who live there and have a walk from the outside entrance to the apartment on the 20th floor. One can only get in and out of the building using an electronic card. Without it one cannot enter or get out of the building or parked one's car. To get to the apartment X use the electronic card to unlock the  front door at the ground level, the barrier and the lift and to X apartment on the 20th floor. The card that is use for going up must be the same one for going  down otherwise one cannot use the lift to get down or get out of the building.

There is a well landscape Garden and an infinity Swimming Pool at the lower level. To get there one had to key in too. It is the same with the gymnasium or whatever place one like to go. There is a Shopping Mall at the lower level and to get there from the apartment one had to key in too. It looks like the developer is obsessed with security but I believe those who live there would get used to this kind of living culture but I do not believe I could. And the rental is I believe around RM4000.00 a month for the 1.400 Sq.ft apartment. Well folks that is a totally new lifestyle to me. I am not going into that living style and happy with my present habitat, living on ground.

Have a nice day folks.
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