Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hot Air Balloon Festa 2016 Putrajaya...

It was a beautiful Sunday  on March 13, 2016. Our daughter Lin had planned to take us to see the Hot Air Balloon festival at Putrajaya, an annual event which have been  going on for many years there.  This year it just started. So early  in the morning at around 7.30am we left the house with her driving the Honda Accord heading to the festival site in Putrajaya, the national capital. My spouse took the front seat while I sat at the  back seat of the Honda Accord like most bosses does. It was nice to be able to just sit there and enjoy the ride. This is the first time I did not drive to Putrajaya. After driving for about half an hour we arrived at Precinct 2 where the Hot Air Balloon festival is held. The whole area was already crowded with folks who had arrived as early as six in the morning, to be there to get closer to the balloons or enjoy a short experience on the balloon. The whole festival site was a colorful festive scene indeed. The above picture I took with my Huawei cellphone camera shows the balloon just rising with the morning Sun shining behind it.  A majestic sight indeed.

As usual in a time and place like this cars were parked everywhere and been a bit late we had difficulty of finding a spot to park our car. After trying at many places we managed to squeeze the Honda at an empty space between two cars and  parked it there. We then went to look  at the place where the  balloons are  been  raised into the open sky. It was early morning  and the sun was just rising. A beautiful and brilliant morning indeed.  It was rather difficult to watch the balloon from where  we were standing facing the sun. Anyway I managed to get some good shots of the balloon in  action at the ground level as well that had flown and floats high above us.

I  walk around the vicinity of where we parked our car and chanced seeing a young couple with their family enjoying their breakfast. Since the setting is a good subject for a photography as well for blogging I went closer and ask them whether I could  take a snap of them. They say it alright and we soon became friends. On  the left is the photo I took of them. Looking at that image brought back  memory of the days when  we were young like them with kids of that ages. I then posted that image on Facebook. After chatting with them for a while I move on to join my spouse and  our daughter at the car.

We then decides to go to the Alamanda Mall nearby and look for something  to eat. After parking the car at the basement we went to look for the Food court and because it still early the food court was just getting warm-up. We got  a table  and order some light breakfast and sat to enjoy it. Soon all the shops at the mall opens for business. After finishing our breakfast we decided to go shopping at the mall. It was nice to be there after of an absence of more than one years. Soon the mall were throng with folks who like us move here after watching the Hot Air Balloons. We did some shopping and  end the day by indulging ourselves with one of the most expensive Ice Cream there. Well folks we did enjoy this Sunday adventure in Putrajaya.

Have a nice day.

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