Friday, March 18, 2016

Beautiful moments....

We was in Putrajaya last Sunday to watch the Hot Air Balloon festive there. While there I took time to enjoy my personal space. At this juncture of  my life to be able to just  enjoy the peace and tranquility of a place is an occasion that I cherished. I love to just to forget about what happened around me, care less of the surrounding and let my mind to just run wild. At time I would just got lost in my daydream but always enjoy that moment of travel in space and time that I am yet to understand and explain. When one is in that state of mine one is at  peace with oneself and to me that is a great moment in time. Always enjoy that beautiful moment. Above is an image of me while enjoying my special personal space both physically and virtually. A beautiful moment indeed. 

Have a nice day folks.
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