Friday, March 18, 2016

Beautiful moments....

We was in Putrajaya last Sunday to watch the Hot Air Balloon festive there. While there I took time to enjoy my personal space. At this juncture of  my life to be able to just  enjoy the peace and tranquility of a place is an occasion that I cherished. I love to just to forget about what happened around me, care less of the surrounding and let my mind to just run wild. At time I would just got lost in my daydream but always enjoy that moment of travel in space and time that I am yet to understand and explain. When one is in that state of mine one is at  peace with oneself and to me that is a great moment in time. Always enjoy that beautiful moment. Above is an image of me while enjoying my special personal space both physically and virtually. A beautiful moment indeed. 

Have a nice day folks.


el-f said...

Good reminder to cherish every moment of our lives, for who knows what tomorrow may bring. We all need to have our own space to be alone with our thoughts and memories

Pak Idrus said...

Thanks el-f Lily Fu for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.I believe we should enjoy the present for the future is yet to come. Yesterday has gone for good and we only could enjoy yesterday's future and that is now. To me my personal space is mine to do what I like and everyone should respect the time I spend in that space of time. Enjoy the present Lily for we all love present kan!

Have a nice day.