Friday, January 13, 2017

Strike the Iron while it still Hot...

We have been told that to strike the Iron while it is hot. You can only mold or shape or have any effect on the Iron only when it is still Hot. At that temperature that Iron is soft enough to have any effect on your strike. Once it is cold there is no way you can have any effect of that Iron. This is just a saying, a word of wisdom but true to the happening of everything in life. Say if you are sick and the doctor ask you to swallow a pill and you said that you would do it later. It does not work that way. To get cured you must do then and then and not later. It the Now factor that is important.  I told friends many times that you got to do it now. I meant it Now if you want to be healed or cured. Most of the time they just take it easy. Once I told a friend to read the book [the answer to his predicament I believe is in the book] but his answer is that I would ask my sister to read it first and I would read it later. Recently I show several people who are at stage 4 cancer to watch a video but to my dismay the answer is still I would watch it later. I am no Angel but I have seen sort of miracle happens when folks act immediately. Remember God give you that moment in time to act but for some reason you just did not want to act. I kept telling folks that there are reasons why things happen.

Have a nice day anyway.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Makan the Malaysian way....

Yes Makan. In Malaysia, the word Makan is always in the mind of Malaysian. Unlike in the West, in Malaysia you can go and eat or drink 24/7. From the best of restaurants in the Hotel and Mall to the roadside stalls you can enjoy your foods the way you like it. There are always foods and foods at any time of the day; it does not matter, early morning or at midnight. Been a multiracial and multicultural country you can enjoy all the Asian cuisines, be it the Malay Rendang, the Chinese Chow Kwey Teow or the Indian Tosai or even the finest Steak or Lamb grill could be had anytime you like. Makan is always in the minds of Malaysian. The other day I was invited to a Hi Tea at the Mandarin Court Hotel in the City of Kuala Lumpur, a hotel that start operation in 1998 and is still around to served it loyal guests. I took the Grab taxi service and got there just before twelve thirty. 

The Manager a Mr. John Yeo who had invited me greet me at the lobby of the hotel. I was then introduced to the Jazman Ismail the Marketing manager. We move to the Coffee House and there met the rest of the staffs ready to serve the guests. I saw array of sumptuous spread of Malaysian foods; colorful indeed. BTW folks Hi Tea in Malaysia is a term where for a cost of around US$15.00 you can enjoy the spread of buffet for three hours and in this hotel from 12.30pm onward. So, in a way you can enjoy those sumptuous foods and drinks till you drop. That folks is the Malaysian way of making one enjoy eating the way they like, unlike a la carte where you order a dish and sit to enjoy it. In the Malaysian Buffet including at this hotel the spreads are more than you can consume. In a way, it the Makan way in our culture where eating is a ritual that we take seriously. I sat with the Manager and the other hotel official and enjoy our meals as well chat on things that comes to our mind at that moment in time. 

The foods were delicious so is the drink especially the special concoction that I was served; sort of a cocktail but without the liquor. Above are some of the spreads at the Coffee House at the Mandarin Court Hotel on the day I was there. The cook and his staff did a wonderful job in preparing such wonderful dishes that taste as good as it looks. I did enjoy my short stay and enjoying the foods especially the favorite Roti Canai and Mee Mamak..

On the left is that special concoction that were serve to me that day. Folks you may want to try the food spreads at this hotel and believe me for that price it worth every penny of it. 

Have a nice day.