Friday, January 13, 2017

Strike the Iron while it still Hot...

We have been told that to strike the Iron while it is hot. You can only mold or shape or have any effect on the Iron only when it is still Hot. At that temperature that Iron is soft enough to have any effect on your strike. Once it is cold there is no way you can have any effect of that Iron. This is just a saying, a word of wisdom but true to the happening of everything in life. Say if you are sick and the doctor ask you to swallow a pill and you said that you would do it later. It does not work that way. To get cured you must do then and then and not later. It the Now factor that is important.  I told friends many times that you got to do it now. I meant it Now if you want to be healed or cured. Most of the time they just take it easy. Once I told a friend to read the book [the answer to his predicament I believe is in the book] but his answer is that I would ask my sister to read it first and I would read it later. Recently I show several people who are at stage 4 cancer to watch a video but to my dismay the answer is still I would watch it later. I am no Angel but I have seen sort of miracle happens when folks act immediately. Remember God give you that moment in time to act but for some reason you just did not want to act. I kept telling folks that there are reasons why things happen.

Have a nice day anyway.


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