Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The New Year 2017....

2016 have been a good year for me. I start the year still recuperating from my surgery of August 26, 2015 when I was in coma for a week, where I lost living in the physical world for that week. Anyway, as I had blog earlier I had a good time in the spiritual world during the period of the coma. I blog about the Comatose period here. I came back with a new perspective of the reality of living. I move on and continue to enjoy life as usual and as colorful as ever. And today I have almost healed from that surgery and thanks God for giving me a second chance to continue living. Like blogging I am sharing my thoughts with the world on Facebook and Twitter with the hopes that whatever I share would be useful to others. Perhaps it would help them to continue to have a good life in this beautiful physical world of ours. Live the moment folks for that precious moment would be with us for only a moment in time. Yesterday has gone for good and tomorrow is yet to come The present is a gift so enjoy that gift. Happy New Year 2017. 

Have a nice day

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