Monday, April 25, 2016

The Mirrorless Camera...

Yesterday April 24 I decided to move forward in photography, a hobby of mind. I invested on the latest camera; the Mirrorless Camera. Mirrorless camera with interchange lens is actually the DSLR that have been reduced in size by removing the mirror in the DSLR. Without the mirrors that reflect the images the new SLR has been reduced in size and not bulky like the DSLR. It at the same time is much lighter than the DSLR. It could easily replaced the DSLR for a real adventure into real  photography. After looking and reviewing all the Mirrorless cameras on the market I decided to purchased the Canon EOS M10. Above is my first attempt taking a closeup of object using the camera. It does look great and I am learning the best way to get better images as I move on in the world of Mirrorless Camera. 

Have a nice day.
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