Monday, April 4, 2016

Another Doctor in the Family...

Today is a very special day for  us, for on  this Monday 4, 2016 the third generation of the family start to work in the Public Sector. It our grandchild; Afiqah Aminuddin is the first grandchild to be graduated as a Medical Doctor. She starts to work today at the University Malaya Medical Center where she would spend two years doing housemanship there. She graduated from University of Manchester in July last year after studying there for five years. Yesterday I wish here well, telling her that is the beginning of her life in the real world and that to do her best in her career.  

Have a nice day.


Lee said...

Hello Pak Idrus, How are you? Ini saya Lee, dari Canada. congratulations on your grandchild's medical achievements. Outstanding! Now you have a doctor in the family.
Not easy studying being a doctor, takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices but the reward is better than anything else apart from being called 'doctor' and helping people.

Last year a doctor and 2 surgeons saved my life! I had a bad fall on the road and smashed my face badly, unknowingly rupturing 2 veins in my brain, with blood leaking out into my brain. I later experienced 3 strokes, last one in the ambulance rushing me to a Neurosurgery hospital...I only had a few hours to live then.

The surgeons cut open my brain 2 places, managed to extract out the blood...I actually had less than an hour to live then.
Today living back a normal life...
If not for doctors, saya suda masuk goal! Habis cherita!
All the very best to your grandchild in her new profession.
You keep well,

Pak Idrus said...

Lee, thanks for the visit and the kind words. Sorry to hear of your predicament. Maybe it the cause of watching too many beautiful ladies eh.

Have a nice day.