Friday, April 1, 2016

I Love Roses...

Yes, truly I love Roses. It one of the flowers that's great to give as a gift from time to time to your love one.  Its colors always captivate me and it always create an atmosphere of beauty and love. I have tried to grow Roses in my garden but to no success. The heat and humidity of the tropic made it almost impossible to grow it. Anyway Roses could grow well in the highland of this country like in the Cameron Highland where the air is cool just like in the temperate zone. Because of that we can get a regular supply of this enchanting flowers all the year around at the Florist. On March 7 this year I bought a bunch of Roses for my wife 76th Birthday. She placed it in a crystal vase and there it looks elegant and at the same time charmed the atmosphere around it. Roses like any other flowers does not last long in the heat of the tropical weather. It would soon wilted after serving it purpose. During that few days it sat on the table it does radiated love and peace to the people around it, enchanting the atmosphere in the house with love as well. I learned that Roses could be dried and use longer than its fresh live. So before it wilted I decided to dry it the way I know best. I dried it and two weeks after that voila! I got the same Roses in dry form. 

I put it back in the same crystal vase and it is now a permanent feature on the table in our dining hall.

Above are the images of the Fresh Roses as well the Dried one. Wonderful indeed.   

Have a nice day.

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