Monday, May 23, 2016

Melor [Jasmine]...

I have always love and appreciate flowers. Melor or Jasmin is one special flowers that I had always seen been grown by the Malay in the Kampong. Today I do grow it in my Little Garden.  This flower is gorgeous. It not only is as white and good looking but with gentle fragrance too. Malay woman would use it to add its special aroma to the Coconut oil that in those days is use on hair to give it a healthy growth. It is also adorning on woman's hair to give it an elegant and radiant look against the blackness of the hair. By itself at time folks would otherwise just takes a glimpse of it and leave it alone without appreciating its beauty. But the camera allows us to enjoy that beauty in the comfort of our home, thus give it sort of an immortality that we could appreciate all the times. The Melor is an elegant flower in its own right. Enjoy it folks as much as I had enjoyed snapping this image. 

Have a nice day.
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