Monday, December 28, 2015

The Shadows...

Before the coming of electricity Oil lamp were use to light up the house at night. We live in a traditional Malay house raised about one meter above ground. Because of that the air circulate well into the house day and night keeping the house cool all  the time. The ceiling were high and there is air outlet just above the window. At night we light up the Oil lamp to brighten  the house and at  time would play shadow game in front of the Oil lamp by using our figures to makes objects that shows on the wall  nearby or on the floor, It fascinate us kids and at time we would make shadows of goat or other animals. It was fun. Today in the  early morning as I was making my morning walk I saw shadows on  the  roads. It does remind me  of those beautiful moment of my childhood.  I then took a few images of those shadows and sharing it here for everyone to enjoy.

Have a nice day.

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