Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What A Wonderful Day...

Folks let me relate of a wonderful happening to me at the Datuk Keramat Wet Market  one morning a few weeks ago; my first visit there after six months. The Datuk Keramat Wet Market is a market where I get my supply of Fish, Poultry, Meat and Fresh Vegetable for the last thirty years. Since my immobility because of sickness I was not able to go there. Now that I am back  and a bit healthy my spouse asks me to get a few items at the market and since I still could not drive the car that I to take get the driver to drive me there. At 9.30am on that day I went to the market and on arrival at the market the driver insisted that he follow me along into the market. Well, with him by my sight I straight away went to look for the items to buy and order what I wanted. What surprised me most as I walk along that all the vendors that I had interact in this market at least once in two weeks for all the year before of my immobility, was surprise and happy to see me there; asking why I have not been seen in the market. I stop to shake hands with them all and told them that since August last year I was sick and only now that I am able to move around. They said with happy faces that they were glad to see me again. I did not expect them to notice my absent since I only went to the market to buy things that I needed but was surprised that they do notice my absent for the last six months. Because of that instead of just buying a few items I stop to chat like old times since I had always treated those vendors as friends rather just a seller of produces. I always spend time to chat with them whenever I am there to buy things; little did I realized that the bonding was strong between those vendors and me; it shows on this first visit to this Wet Market after six months. The Driver who was watching the happening as he follows me around was himself surprise that I was so popular in this Wet Market. I told him that I have been coming here for more than thirty years and I always treated them as friends and that I too was surprised with the happening that he notices. Folks it does made my day. People do care when we treat them as equal and give due respect to them. What a wonderful world we live in.

Have a nice day.


Saiful Azam said...

We missed you writings too Pak Idrus..Wish you better health and happiness with the family.

Pak Idrus said...

Saiful Azam, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts here. Appreciate very much the greeting.

Have a nice day.