Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ikan Kembong Goreng Berlada...

A few days ago my spouse had this done; one of my favorite way of enjoying the Kembong fish. Fried crisps with chili sauce. The blended dry chili and anions etc. had to be fried into a thick paste and only then would the fish, which had already been deep-fried be added to it. Otherwise it would not taste as good. She always did it perfect to my liking. To me personally the Ikan Kembong Goreng Belada always bring back memories of my childhood in Kuantan. I grew up in a restaurant which is also a place where we live, thus we always eat foods cook for the public consumption and it the same every day. To get to eat something different we kids had to go to our mother's home and enjoy her cooking and that is not often. One such fish that I had always enjoyed at my mother's house is the Ikan Kembong Goreng Belada, like in the image above. At the restaurant, it does not taste the same perhaps because mom cooking always has that special ingredient that is call love. They say the reason mom cooking always taste better is because she always sprinkles her cooking with love.

One day I went to a friend house at Jalan Gambut in Kuantan.  Halim is his name. His parents both working in the government agency thus they get to live in government quarter. In those days government quarters is the best accommodation that anyone could ask for. It was almost lunch time; when I arrived at his house he was enjoying his lunch of white-rice with the fish Ikan Kembong Goreng Belada.  Oblivious of my presence he kept eating and did not invite me to join him. I just look and salivating at the look of the fried-fish in the chili sauce. It was sort of an agony looking at him eating that Ikan Kembong Goreng Belada. Because of the happening, that incident at Halim's house stuck  to my mind till these days. That scene kept repeating in my memories whenever I saw Ikan Kembong Goreng Berlada. Well folks’ life of a child is like that. You remember some episode of your life.

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