Monday, December 5, 2016


At this age [77], I can safely say that I did not know where I was heading after I left school. But I know that I was ambitious and an optimist. Yes, very ambitions indeed. I knew that I must acquire knowledge to be successful in any endeavor that I take. In the forties and fifties folks on the East-coast of Malaya was not even aware that there is such an institution as University. In the state of Pahang there is only one school that take students for the post School Certificate Examination; now known as HSC. Without the HSC, you do not get into the University. And that class is at the Clifford School in Kuala Lipis, the capital of Pahang at that time.

After completing my Darjah Sembilan [Form V] or the Cambridge School Certificate Examination in 1957 I went to seek employment. The year was 1958 and I was just nineteen years old. I got into the State Higher Clerical Service, a Division Three post where I work in various government departments for eight years. During those years, I gain experiences in various aspect of management in government departments. With that experiences in 1967 I got a job in the newly formed Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. I decided to take HSC and then took off-campus Social Science course at USM. I also read books and articles to improve my knowledge. With additional knowledge I get promoted to the Division One of the Government Service and served as District Director, State Director in various states including Sarawak.  Served the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in all the Division. In 1972 I was posted to the Youth Division where I served under the leadership of Abdullah Hj. Ahmad [Pak Lah who later became the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia] who was then the Director of that Division for five years and the Deputy Sec.General of the Ministry for three years.  During my time in the Youth Division I introduced the Belia Peladang program, which became one of the most successful rural youth program in the country. I also wrote the working paper for the formation of Kobena the National Youth Coop. I then served in the Culture Division as well in the Sports Division. In the Culture Division I was the Director of the Development and Promotion of Culture whereas in the Sports Division I was the Deputy Director General of the Division. I was even sent to help in the establishment of the National Film Corporation or Finas. During the time at the Ministry I was sent for training in Australia and Germany as well attending Seminars overseas including places like Ghana and Iran.

I was also among the first Malaysian to set-foot on the soil of the PRC and North Korea when I accompany the then Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports on a visit there in 1981 before China was open to the world. In China I got the opportunity to meet with Deng Xiaoping and in North Korea with Kim II-Sung; a rare opportunity indeed. During my tenure in the Ministry I had the opportunity to travel the world and learn much of the world and it society.

I decided to go on an optional retirement in 1990 after I could no longer see eye to eye with the political master. I had served the government for thirty-two years and got a full pension and enjoying life ever since. I had served my country with a clear conscience.  Happy that I took that early retirement. My destiny is yet.....

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