Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Glorious Fountain at KLCC....

Last Saturday we went to KLCC for dinner. After dinner while the ladies went to shop I decides to do some photography of the evening there. Chance had it at that very moment the fountains at the pool of the KLCC was choreographed with sound and color. It was a really field-day to me to try my new  camera for the night scene. Been new to the latest technology of photography it was a learning process in trying to capture the best image using that camera. In the past I would use the heavy DSLR for this purpose. This evening the new EOS M10 a camera much smaller and lighter than the DSLR capturing images seem to be very easy indeed. Let the camera do everything with it builtin computer; than at the right moment just snap it. It is at this very moment that one have to understand the camera by feel and touch. Once that is done it became so easy. I took my time to take as many images as possible. I am sharing it here for all to enjoy much as I had enjoyed learning and photographing it. I am still learning and hope to do a better jobs as I move on.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Using Grab and Avenue K...

It was a beautiful Monday. I decided to go and Lepak [while the time away] at KLCC. Took the Grab service and in no time I got to the front of the KLCC. It just cost me RM10.00 for the fare and a good chat with the young driver of the Grab Taxi Service. Indeed, a new way of traveling especially in the city, getting from A to been B became so easy and a pleasure by the Grab or Uber taxi service. A new system to beat the traditional taxi service which have not really improved since times. With the services provided by Grab or Uber the traditional taxi service is having a hard time with the competition with Grab and Uber; folk who want a no fuss service getting from A to B. Well folks it the Internet and the technology that made this mode of travel possible. With the Smartphone and an Apps one is ready to go and enjoy the service. On arrival at KLCC I took my time to enjoy the place and then went to look for a place to have lunch but all the places that I went was crowded since it was lunch time. I then decided to walk to Avenue K, a shopping complex adjacent to the KLCC. It just a walking distance by the underpass that link the two complexes. I then walk slowly to Avenue K and after browsing around found a place to have lunch. After lunch I went around the place to take picture and sharing it here for all to enjoy.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Five years ago in Kelantan...

Time passed too fast these days. It was like last week that we went to Kelantan to visit friends but it actually been five years ago... I Blog here folks about that visit ..... . [ Do click on the link to read]

Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Beauty of the Beach @ Teluk Cempedak....


One of the place that kept been washed clean every day is the beach. It stays clean until human or other being starts to dirty or spoil it. But with the tides and the waves that bashed the beach every minutes of the days the beach is been kept clean all the time. The best time to see the beach in its pristine condition is to go there early in the morning just before the sunrise. You not only get to watch the wonder of the majestic sun making its daily appearance above the horizon; you would be able to enjoy the scene that been played on the sandy beach as well. Crabs big and small would dig its holes all over the soft sands, scattered and hide in its holes whenever we approach it. It would come out again and again to scavenge for foods. When the tide is high all are gone, to come out again at low tide. An amazing ritual that been played again and again for eternity. These are some scenes of the beach at Teluk Cempedak Kuantan. Enjoy it folks as much as I had enjoyed taking the photographs.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Sunrise at Teluk Cempedak...

We were in Kuantan for a short holiday. As usual I always take the time to watch the sunrise at Teluk Cempedak; a beach that I call my own. I grew up playing on that sandy beach from the age of seven years old and I felt in love with the sea. So going to that beach is a ritual that I never missed to do whenever I am in Kuantan.  Early that Saturday morning of September 3, 2016 I woke early and with my nephew driving we left for the beach at around 6.30am. According to the data I had the sun would rise at Teluk Cempedak at 7.01am that morning. When we arrived at the beach there were already others there waiting for the sun to rise. I had brought my latest camera the Canon EOS M10 with me. It is a Mirrorless camera, the new new generation of the DSLR. It is much smaller than the DSLR and have interchangeable lens. As soon as I got there I walk along the beach and enjoy the freshness of the morning air. Yonder at the horizon I could see some light as the the sun makes it appearance above the water line of the blue see. It as mesmerizing as it usual is and I love watching the scene as the sun creep it way up and shows its glory at the beginning of every new day here. I  aim the camera and took as many snaps as possible with the new camera. Above are some images that I took that early morning and sharing it here for all to enjoy as much as I had enjoyed taking that photos. 

Have a nice day folks.