Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Using Grab and Avenue K...

It was a beautiful Monday. I decided to go and Lepak [while the time away] at KLCC. Took the Grab service and in no time I got to the front of the KLCC. It just cost me RM10.00 for the fare and a good chat with the young driver of the Grab Taxi Service. Indeed, a new way of traveling especially in the city, getting from A to been B became so easy and a pleasure by the Grab or Uber taxi service. A new system to beat the traditional taxi service which have not really improved since times. With the services provided by Grab or Uber the traditional taxi service is having a hard time with the competition with Grab and Uber; folk who want a no fuss service getting from A to B. Well folks it the Internet and the technology that made this mode of travel possible. With the Smartphone and an Apps one is ready to go and enjoy the service. On arrival at KLCC I took my time to enjoy the place and then went to look for a place to have lunch but all the places that I went was crowded since it was lunch time. I then decided to walk to Avenue K, a shopping complex adjacent to the KLCC. It just a walking distance by the underpass that link the two complexes. I then walk slowly to Avenue K and after browsing around found a place to have lunch. After lunch I went around the place to take picture and sharing it here for all to enjoy.

Have a nice day.

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