Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Glorious Fountain at KLCC....

Last Saturday we went to KLCC for dinner. After dinner while the ladies went to shop I decides to do some photography of the evening there. Chance had it at that very moment the fountains at the pool of the KLCC was choreographed with sound and color. It was a really field-day to me to try my new  camera for the night scene. Been new to the latest technology of photography it was a learning process in trying to capture the best image using that camera. In the past I would use the heavy DSLR for this purpose. This evening the new EOS M10 a camera much smaller and lighter than the DSLR capturing images seem to be very easy indeed. Let the camera do everything with it builtin computer; than at the right moment just snap it. It is at this very moment that one have to understand the camera by feel and touch. Once that is done it became so easy. I took my time to take as many images as possible. I am sharing it here for all to enjoy much as I had enjoyed learning and photographing it. I am still learning and hope to do a better jobs as I move on.

Have a nice day.
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