Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Malay Traditional Medicine...

A young man [42] the son of my late friend Hj. Omar woke up one morning and found the left side of his body paralyzed. He apparently had a stroke. He could not move at all. Went to the hospital and got treatment. He could hardly move around and had to use a walking stick if he need to move at all. One day while attending the Friday prayer at the local mosque a friend who saw him in that sad condition advise him to seek traditional healing from a man. He got the address and went to seek treatment.  With great difficulty, he was help by his relative into the house of the Dukun and sat down on a chair. The Dukun after enquiringly as to why he came for treatment, start to massage a few parts of his body on the affected side. After the massaging is done the Dukun ask him to stand up. He says he could not do that since he got the stroke. The Dukun insisted and eventually to his surprise he could stand. Then he was asked to walk without the walking-stick. Again, he hesitates but the Dukun insist that he walk. To his surprise again this time he could walk without assistance for the first time since he got the stroke. He told me he cried and hug the Dukun. This was related to me by that young man last week when I by chance met him. He now could walk and drive his car. Well folks it looks like there are still people of wisdom out there who practice the traditional ways of healing the sick like the old days of my childhood in the forties and fifties. 

 For thousands of years before colonialism our people survived because of the wisdom of our healers like the Dukun, Bomoh and Pawang. Every known sickness is cured or healed by them. It was a practice that I saw myself when I was growing up on the east coast. It was effective indeed. Then came the so called Ostat who starts to tell folks not to believe and practice the traditional ways of curing and healing the sick. In no times the numbers of healer start to diminish and we lost a great tradition of curing and healing the sick. Anyway, some of the wise man kept the practice alive and passed it down the line and today there are some numbers of them practicing it all over the country. 

Here and here are some posting about traditional healing that I had posted in my blog. Do take the time to read it. 

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