Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Traditional Malay dance....

The above image shows two dancers of the KBN [Kompleks Budaya Negara] from the then Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Malaysia performing a traditional dance after the completion of a training session of new dancers. They were the instructors at the one-week course on Traditional Dance. It was held in the early eighties at the Youth Complex in Kuala Lumpur. I was then the Director of Development and Promotion of Culture at the Ministry and this is one of the extension project that was carried out to develop new talents in traditional dances. These two dancers and instructors are talented and could perform many traditional dances, some of which they choreograph themselves. Both the dancers in this images at that time; Sally Yap and Sonny was in their early twenties. They with the others in the group of KBN dancers have performance at many special functions both in the country and overseas. I know both very well. I believe both of them are now in their late fifties or early sixties and enjoying a family life of their own.  Since I retired in 1990 I believe I only met them once only. Sally Yap by chance I met once in a glimpse with her two young kids at the Ampang Park Shopping complex in the mid-eighties. I was then working in Sarawak and came back for works and did some shopping there. I like what I saw and in my heart hopes the best for her. Where she and the family reside now I just do not know. I believe her two daughters are now in their early thirties and working in their profession somewhere. While Sonny I met at KLCC a few years ago. He told me both his daughters are medical doctors now and working in and around Kuala Lumpur. How I wished I could meet both of them again. I am now 78 plus and enjoying life in the golden years. At this age memories keep flooding back and someone say when one think of someone that someone is thinking of you too. I do hope it is so. We cannot plan our destiny but along the way we met and to me that moment in time was special; I do cherish every moment of that time given to us to enjoy life as it should be. We are human, and things happens for a reason or was it just synchronicity but that is the way it was. Along the way we learn and become wiser. Life is beautiful  so let  move on our journey of life toward our destiny; who knows whom we would meet along the path on our way there. That folks is life. 

Have a nice day. 

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