Sunday, December 23, 2018

A daily chores; Laundry...

It past 4 pm on this Saturday afternoon. Just done the laundry; washing done, and the load are in the Dryer. While waiting for it to dry I am whiling the time at the Serambi reading and Surfing the Net. Outside it looks like it going to rain. I could hear the sound of the distance thunder. The weather is getting cooler and I believe it would rain soon. Near me Tam the mother cat is sleeping on her favourites chair while Kenet is in a Box that I got yesterday for them to play; you know cats love to play in the box. At 10 minutes to 5 pm the load in the Dryer had dried. I took it out and got it folded and put it in the cupboard. The one that need ironing would be send to the Laundry nearby for ironing with the other pieces from past drying. At this age there are only two of us in the house all the time; the kids and grandkids come over only from time only. We do not have maid except the maid from our daughter's house would come to do the heavy cleaning. Other daily chore we did it ourselves. Anyway, since this culture of sharing the house-whole chore have been going on since we got married some fifty six years ago, everything we do are just second nature to both of us. Moreover, I love to do the handy thing around the house and enjoyed it. So, folks that is life at this moment in time. 

Have a nice day.

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