Friday, November 24, 2017

A case of the Bad and Good...

This is a true story. It happens just a few days ago in KL; at the traffic light when the light was Red. The cars stop and was waiting for the light to turn Green. In this story I mentioned only three cars; Car A, Car B and Car C, each behind one another. Car A and B driven by women drivers while Car C by a man. Suddenly two guys on a motorcycle smashed the window of the left side of Car B and took the handbag from the left seat. The driver of Car B panic and try to move on but the traffic light was still Red; she hit the back of Car A. In the commotion the snatch thief drops the bag and fled. At that moment in time the traffic light turns Green and the cars move on. Car C saw the handbag on the road and took it. Car A move on and only stop at a safe place. In the meantime, Car B Follow Car A and stop as well. Car C also follow and stop to handover the Handbag to the driver of Car B. They then call the Police who arrive in mere minutes and then made a report. The Police advice folks not to leave Handbags or other valuable on the empty left seat. Anyway, this shows that Malaysian do helps each other in a situation like this. 

This posting is a Public Service on my part as well to thank our man in blue for their quick response. 

Image on the left is unrelated to the incidents. 

Have a nice day.

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