Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Online Shopping...

Online shopping is already a norm among young Malaysian, but I am not there yet. Our kids and grandkids have been buying goods Online and our house have become the official address for the delivery of such goods. That is because we are always at home, making it easy for the quick delivery of the good bought Online.  I was rather reluctant to buy things Online but seen that the service is good, and things bought are of quality and cheaper than at the stores I decided to join the Online revolution that has taken the country by storm. So last week I did my first purchase at Lazada and in less than a week, that was yesterday I received the good that I had ordered. I bought a watch and found it in good condition and I like what I had bought Online, which is way cheaper than the price sold at the store. Well folks with that I am now part of the cyber revolution especially so in the purchase of goods Online. A grandparent quantum leaped into a culture of today cyberworld, the buying of goods Online. 

Have a nice day.                     

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