Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Enjoying one's Personal space....

At this juncture of my life I treasured my lifestyle; the freedom to enjoy my life my way. I have lived an active life all the years from my youth to the time I was working, making a living and raising a family. It was not that easy but both my spouse and me did it our way and had managed to retire early and continue to enjoy life. That is the reason why whenever I go out on a trip or just to lepak at the malls I just do it my way. To makes thing easy to meet friends from time to time I posted on my FB telling folks where I am at that moment in time. The purpose is to give me and friends the freedom of choice. If we happen to be at the same vicinity at the same time and want to meet without making an appointment, then we just meet for lunch or coffee or whatever to exchange notes or just to chat. By doing that we are free to enjoy lepaking in our golden years the way we like it. I meant well folks. 

Have a nice day.