Monday, April 2, 2018

Of RAW format in Photography...

Like all Arts photography is never the same. It evolves as we move, we learn new ways of getting the best pictures whenever we click he camera. With today's technology we do not even have to click, we just touch the viewing screen and the image is captured perfect. The computer in the camera do the job of focusing for us. What would they think of next we all just have to wonder. Along the way a friend says the next time you take a picture with your digital camera use the RAW format. At that time, I was wondering what the friend of mine was talking, it Greek to me. Anyway, for an amateur photographer like me any new information to take better picture would be great. As for photography I am a kid again; always learning. And he warned me that RAW takes lots of data. It is best that I get a larger memory card. So, I did and now whenever I am out taking picture I always use the RAW format. In the beginning it looks like there was no difference but as I move along I found that's true, the image captured got plenty of data, thus great when editing. Object that you could not really see in the scene would appears clearer and sharp. Here are some image that I took recently using the RAW format. In the original picture these images were just a part of the overall picture and perhaps folks would not even notice it at first glance. These images are from the original that I had cropped thus what you see now. Amazing indeed what technology and a little knowledge could do to enhance the way of doing photography. Enjoy it folks much as I had enjoyed editing that images. 

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