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The Moon, just wandering .

It was just past three in the afternoon of the last week of June 2021. I sat her at the Serambi,  just a ritual to pass the time away. The weather has been unpredictable, it may rain and now it looks like to pour but it may not. Anyway the atmosphere at the Serambi is just nice and I felt real good. My mind just wander and decided to just write the flow of my thoughts and move on. I am alone here, before there was my favourite cats to accompany me but both have died of old age one after another. It was indeed a sad occasion when they became part of the family for almost seven years. Well life is like that we can never tell what's going to happen on our journey of life. So I just move on and try to enjoy life in the golden years. I still do photography to enjoy the beauty of nature and often share those images in the social media. Above is an image of the moon taken a few days ago. Enjoy it folks much as I had in snapping it from the sky above. Soon earthlings would settled on it. At present the Chinese have got a base and a rover there and is planning to sent man and start a colony at the south pole of the moon. Let hopes that it would materialised soon, becoming a first human settlement and an Asian one on the moon. Interesting eh. 

Have a nice day.


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