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Merdeka day 31.7.1957

This is a traditional dance group of Telecom Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, a contribution in celebrating the Merdeka day on 31.8.1957. Asmah who later became my wife is in the center front in this group photo. She was then just 17 years old. On the same day in Kuantan I participated in the Merdeka day ceremony. the raising of the Malayan flag and the lowering of the Union Jack. At that time I  did know her as yet. I was 18 years old then. Amazing a Sychronicity. Alhamdulillah.  Have a nice day.  
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83rd Birthday.

Alhamdulillah. Today 17.8.2022 is my 83rd Birthday. I was born during the colonial era on the 17.8.1939. I am indeed grateful to Allah to be blessed with another Birthday, that is Today.  On the Islamic calender it is on the 19th Muharam 1444.  I am in the best of health. Amin.  The image above was taken on 19.5.2022. Have a nice day. 

Coffee is life...

I was at the Pavilion on Saturday August 6, 2022. This is the first visit since the pandemic. I had other plan for this Saturday morning but had to change it when my spouse say she is going to the Pavilion with daughter Lin and ask me whether I would want to go along. It a surprise and since I had not been to the Pavilion for some times already, I decided to follow them. At past ten in the morning daughter Lin arrived driving the Honda Accord and off we went to the Pavilion. On arrival we decided first to get something to eat at the food court. court looks different since it has been redesigned with a new looks but the familiar stalls that sell foods are all still there. After that Asmah and daughter Lin decided to go shopping on their own.  I decided to go to the bookstore but found that there is not a single bookstore in the Pavilion.  What a shame!. I was rather disappointed and decided to venture on to all the other floors. After a while I went to enjoy coffee


Human is a spiritual being thus science can never solved her problems.  Only spirituality could. Human should continue to evolved without the interference of science. Every aspects of Spirituality should be studied so new institutions be set up to study it further just like the west have done in pursuing science. We should remember that Human is a being with soul and not robot with AI. For Thousands of years Human has evolved without the interference of science. Through spirituality human could tamed nature like sound, water, etc. and used it at their commands and use it for their own advantages. Before the arrival of the western influences our ancestors use spirituality to cure and heal the sick. Raised heavy object. Meditation to acquire knowledge and travel long distances, like going into astral travelling. The practice Silat and the use of weapons like Kris, Santau when at war. To me there is more to spirituality than just believing in faith.  Since science creates more problems th

Majlis Bertandang...

In the Malay culture the wedding is done by the woman side. It starts of with the Akad Nikah ( Solomised of the marriage ) In this case it was a marriage between our third grandchildren Anwar and the bride Aqidah on the 11th March 2022,  follow with a reception on thr 12th. Then the next week on the 19th our daughter and her husband, the bridegroom parents organise another ceremony to celebrate their son wedding, where they get to invite their relatives and friends for the special occasion.  It was done at the Banquet Hall of the Felda Tower in town. It was an elaborate reception full of colour which includes the pomp and splendour of the Malay culture. It was indeed a night to be remembered.  As the grandparents we were delighted to get to meet most of our relatives in one go. It is at an occasion like this that we can continue to promote as well preserve out traditional arts in all its glory. A tradition that would outlasted us all. About is an image of the wedding ceremo

Teluk Cempedak beach...

I call this beach my beach. We a group of Boy Scout found it during one of our expedition in the mid fifties. At that time it was still a jungle with many  small wild animals and inaccessible. There were some tracks here and there, so we just follow it and to our surprise we were welcome by the sound of waves and the open sea. It was such a majestic scene before our eyes. We decided to camp there and enjoy the sea breezes. The next morning we saw for the first time the rising sun there as seen above [photo taken recently]. Nostalgic indeed. Have a nice day.