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The city of Kuala Lumpur...

This is an image of the city as seen through my lens.  Taken using the mirrorless camera Fujifilm with a 230  mm lens. At 8.08 am today 9.5 2023. Enjoy it folks.
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The Suria mall, KLCC.

The Suria mall, KLCC. 


The sun provides all the energy and thus provides all the nutrients for all lives to survive on planet Earth. The only species on the planet that could convert the  energy from the sun is the plant. That is the first source of all the nutrients. So if you eat meats, you are consuming a secondhand source of nutrients (the animals had to eat the plants first in order to get the nutrients). So, dumped all the meats and lived a healthy life by just eating plants. Have  nice day  

My first car .

My first car was a Fiat 600, nombor BS 9438. It cost RM4 thousands  (government loans). Bought it in KL on 26.9.1967. Left KL at 3.15pm and drove all the way to JB. Sampai JB jam 10.30 malam.First time ever driven a car that far. I was driving alone to report duty on my new post as District Culture Officer, a division 2 post, a federal service. On 1.10.1967, I was posted as the District Culture Officer at Keluang. Two weeks later I went back to Kuantan and brought back my wife Asmah and the young children to Keluang.  Before this, I was l a clerk, a division 3 post for 9 years in Kuantan. The post of Culture Officer waa changed to Culture , Youth and Sports, Officer,  a division post in the federalservice. Alhamdulillah. 

The 15th Ramadan moon...

It was a cool morning so I took a short walk in front of my house. Then I saw the full moon in all its glory. It happens to be the 15th day of Ramadan. I went back to the house and pick up my camera. Then took a few shots. Obove is a gorgeous shot of the moon.  Alhamdulillah. 

The Haj, a blessing.

Once, during my 32 years of careers in the government service, I was not promoted, whereas the rest of my colleagues got. It was because of one bad confidential report from my former boss. One must get 3 years consecutively good confidential report to get promoted. In all the years I never got a bad annual confidential report. The KSU (with the approval of the promotion committee)  at that time  knew who gave that bad report sympathise with me, decided to post me to Sarawak on an acting appointment there. So, I just took it easy and worked diligently as usual. After a year or so, when the bad report was cleared. I got a letter saying I was promoted and back dated. With that, I got an arrears of RM10 thousands. At that time, I hardly had any savings, let alone that amount. It cost only RM5 thousand per person to do the haj at that time. With that blessing I decided to perform the Haj with my wife Asmah. It was the blessing that I could afford to do the haj with Asmah. A blessing in disg

The Cock crows...

When I was growing up in the forties, we did not have such a thing as a watch for each one to wear, let alone for us the kids. I woke up from my sleep in the early morning when I hear the crowing of the cocks. It was a melody that we hear each morning. It vibrates all over the atmosphere of the kampong. Then it faded away perhaps to take a rest after the job is done every morning without failed. With sleepy eyes I walk to the well nearby to bathe. There are other adult from across the road already taking their bath there. 0ur well have clear water whereas the one at Tok Yek's house across the road, the water is colored but clean. So folks prefer to take their bath at our well. Tok Yek the Dukun does not use our well. He preferred his own well. He had constructed a drum filter he had created and use it to clear the brownish water. Tok Yek is a wise man who works at the Senatory board, most of works is keeping the Monsoon drain clean. In his spare time with the knowledge