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The books...

I am always a regular to my favourite bookstore, the Kinokuniya at KLCC.  Because of the pendemic and the MCO it became difficult to get to the store to get books. Lucky I had bought many before the lock down, so there was plenty to keep me occupied. After almost a year I had read them all. So last Monday I went there and got a numbers of books to keep me busy reading.  In looking for books to read among the thousands that are on  displayed in the store I left to my intuition to select books to read. I always believed that books looks for its reader and not the other way around, just like buying a good furniture. So this times after almost a year I picked up at random, glance at the brief writen at the back cover and then read a little from the beginning of the page. When I felt good about it I select it to buy. So on that day I selected 5 books as seen above. I have starts reading one and found it to be a good read indeed. Well folks like is like that.  Have a nice day.
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Night photography...

One of my hobby is photography.  I have gone into using the latest technology in photography; from the bulky DSLR to now using the latest Mirrorless camera. It is compact and light. With additional lenses like the 200mm and the 230mm as well the wide angle and Micro lens I am able to move forwards with many ranges of photography. Above is an image of photo that I took with the Canon M10 on a night trip into the city. I was not driving thus I managed to snap that scene from a moving car. Enjoy it folks much as I had enjoyed snapping it. Have a nice day. 

Belimbing Buloh...

Belimbing Buloh adalah satu satunya pokok tradisi kesukaan orang Melayu. Dulu dulu kat kampong mereka tanam ditepi rumah,  untok kegunaan sendiri atau diberi kepada jiran jiran. Biasanya pokok ini berbuah sepanjang tahun. Pokok ini memerlukan cuaca panas terik dan hujan dari masa ke semasa. Buah Belimbing Buloh ini masam dan amat sesuai diguna dalam apapun laukpauk tradisi orang Melayu atau dimasuk dalam Sambal Belacan menjadikan Sambal Belacan itu lebeh istimewa rasanya. Oleh kerana agak susah hendak mendapat buah Belimbing ini saya tanam se pohon pokok di depan rumah saya. Dengan demikian saya sentiasa dapat buahnya untuk kegunaan sendiri. Gambar diatas adalah buah dipokok depan rumah saya. Begitulah cerita nya.


This image was take on the 7.3.2021, Asmah's 81st birthday. I am 6 month older than her. As we ages memories of the past became vivid indeed. I remembered meeting her some time in November 1961 at her home in Kuantan. Three months later, on 3.2.1962 we got married. She was 21 and I just 22 years old then. On 3.2. 2021 we celebrated our 59th Anniversary. Alhamdulillah. 

2nd Safar Moon.

For months it have been difficult to get a good shot of the moon. It rains and often cloudy. This evening I went out and saw the moon. I took my camera and take a shot of the crescent moon. According to the Islamic calender it the 2nd of Safar. Above is the shot of the moon at 7.56pm on the 9.9.2021 and sharing it here for all to see. Have a nice day. 

Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family)

The 9th Malaysia PM Ismail Sabri in his keynote address to the nation introduced a new term or slogan Keluarga Malaysia or Malaysian family. Beautiful words for a beautiful country  Malaysia. So let us move forward as a family in this trying times of our history,  as we celebrate our 64th years of our independence.  MERDEKA. 

Afghanistan independence.

After two decades of occupation,   today 1.9.2021  the Taliban took over the government of their country after the American left. An amazing victory for the Taliban indeed.  No country should invade other country for regime change, as well to imposed their norms and value. And never to intefear in the internal affairs of the country.  With independence Afghanistan may move on as a peaceful country. With peace they may be able to develop their country and with that enjoy the prosperity together. Alhamdulillah. (Image taken from the Internet)