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Majlis Bertandang...

In the Malay culture the wedding is done by the woman side. It starts of with the Akad Nikah ( Solomised of the marriage ) In this case it was a marriage between our third grandchildren Anwar and the bride Aqidah on the 11th March 2022,  follow with a reception on thr 12th. Then the next week on the 19th our daughter and her husband, the bridegroom parents organise another ceremony to celebrate their son wedding, where they get to invite their relatives and friends for the special occasion.  It was done at the Banquet Hall of the Felda Tower in town. It was an elaborate reception full of colour which includes the pomp and splendour of the Malay culture. It was indeed a night to be remembered.  As the grandparents we were delighted to get to meet most of our relatives in one go. It is at an occasion like this that we can continue to promote as well preserve out traditional arts in all its glory. A tradition that would outlasted us all. About is an image of the wedding ceremony. Such a colourful event indeed.

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Merdeka day 31.7.1957

This is a traditional dance group of Telecom Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, a contribution in celebrating the Merdeka day on 31.8.1957. Asmah who later became my wife is in the center front in this group photo. She was then just 17 years old. On the same day in Kuantan I participated in the Merdeka day ceremony. the raising of the Malayan flag and the lowering of the Union Jack. At that time I  did know her as yet. I was 18 years old then. Amazing a Sychronicity. Alhamdulillah.  Have a nice day.  

The Sunrise at Teluk Cempedak...

We were in Kuantan for a short holiday. As usual I always take the time to watch the sunrise at Teluk Cempedak; a beach that I call my own. I grew up playing on that sandy beach from the age of seven years old and I felt in love with the sea. So going to that beach is a ritual that I never missed to do whenever I am in Kuantan.  Early that Saturday morning of September 3, 2016 I woke early and with my nephew driving we left for the beach at around 6.30am. According to the data I had the sun would rise at Teluk Cempedak at 7.01am that morning. When we arrived at the beach there were already others there waiting for the sun to rise. I had brought my latest camera the Canon EOS M10 with me. It is a Mirrorless camera, the new new generation of the DSLR. It is much smaller than the DSLR and have interchangeable lens. As soon as I got there I walk along the beach and enjoy the freshness of the morning air. Yonder at the horizon I could see some light as the the sun makes it

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When I was growing up in the forties, we did not have such a thing as a watch for each one to wear, let alone for us the kids. I woke up from my sleep in the early morning when I hear the crowing of the cocks. It was a melody that we hear each morning. It vibrates all over the atmosphere of the kampong. Then it faded away perhaps to take a rest after the job is done every morning without failed. With sleepy eyes I walk to the well nearby to bathe. There are other adult from across the road already taking their bath there. 0ur well have clear water whereas the one at Tok Yek's house across the road, the water is colored but clean. So folks prefer to take their bath at our well. Tok Yek the Dukun does not use our well. He preferred his own well. He had constructed a drum filter he had created and use it to clear the brownish water. Tok Yek is a wise man who works at the Senatory board, most of works is keeping the Monsoon drain clean. In his spare time with the knowledge