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PRU15 19.11.2022...

The Malaysia 15th General Election or PRU15  is set to be on the 19th November 2022. Today 5th November 2022 is the nomination day for the Election. We go to vote for the Ampang Parliamentary seat on that day. Wow! at today's nomination we were spoiled for choice. There were 9 candidates registered to choose from come Election day. In Sya Allah we would choose to the best candidate to be our representative in the Malaysia Parliament. 

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Merdeka day 31.7.1957

This is a traditional dance group of Telecom Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, a contribution in celebrating the Merdeka day on 31.8.1957. Asmah who later became my wife is in the center front in this group photo. She was then just 17 years old. On the same day in Kuantan I participated in the Merdeka day ceremony. the raising of the Malayan flag and the lowering of the Union Jack. At that time I  did know her as yet. I was 18 years old then. Amazing a Sychronicity. Alhamdulillah.  Have a nice day.  

Twinkle Villa Janda Baik...

A few months ago, I surfed the net trying to find an outback resort in the jungle of Janda Baik, an enclave of the east side of the main range of Malaya, for a short retreat with the family. In Malay the main range is call the Banjaran Titiwangsa. Most of the forest in the main range of Malaya are some 160 million years old since it was not touch by the ice age. In the search I stumble upon the Twinkle Villa and decided to explore more from the resort website. It looks interesting with a concept of a private villa where the guests are limited in numbers. Since this is something new I then told my daughter Lin to check and maybe one of these days we could just go there. She did her homework and then make a booking to get the whole family there on the weekend that she is free. As usual with a three-generation family it difficult to get everyone along in one go. In the end she books a villa that could accommodate six and was allotted the Villa Resak. All the villas are names after the

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We were in Kuantan for a short holiday. As usual I always take the time to watch the sunrise at Teluk Cempedak; a beach that I call my own. I grew up playing on that sandy beach from the age of seven years old and I felt in love with the sea. So going to that beach is a ritual that I never missed to do whenever I am in Kuantan.  Early that Saturday morning of September 3, 2016 I woke early and with my nephew driving we left for the beach at around 6.30am. According to the data I had the sun would rise at Teluk Cempedak at 7.01am that morning. When we arrived at the beach there were already others there waiting for the sun to rise. I had brought my latest camera the Canon EOS M10 with me. It is a Mirrorless camera, the new new generation of the DSLR. It is much smaller than the DSLR and have interchangeable lens. As soon as I got there I walk along the beach and enjoy the freshness of the morning air. Yonder at the horizon I could see some light as the the sun makes it