Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Of Birthday...

When I was growing up no one talk about Birthday or Birthday party. Birthday come and go and we just grow older, that's all. Even our parent does not talk about that. As far as I am concern since I did not get to see my Birth Certificate I do not even know my real name as well the real date of my birth as in the Birth certificate. I was call by my nickname Awang and it was only when I went to school at seven years old that I came to know that my real name is not Awang but Idrus and my birthday is August 17, 1939. As for Birthday it was only when I am in secondary school that classmate would mentioned Birthday and Birthday party but as far as I could remember I did not have a Birthday party or Birthday cake, not when my kids and grandkids throw a surprise with cake and present on that special day. Anyway I remember when I was in my youth, friends especially girlfriends would often ask when is my Birthday and that is how I am aware that our Birthday is special and important especially so with our loved one. After I got married every years my wife would surprise me by sending a bouquet of Roses to my office. Making it such a loving moment in my life. When the kids and grandkids grows up I would get Birthday wishes from them and often they throw a surprise just like in the image above. A week after my Birthday this year, on August 23 our eldest daughter and her husband throw a Raya Open House party at their house and at that event I was surprised by the kids and grandkids with a Birthday cake for me. So with friends and loved one I get to blow the candles on that wonderful day of my life; the seventy six birthday! albeit belated. It looks like growing older is beautiful and I am enjoying it. 

Have a nice day.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Beautiful People Beautiful Mind...

Thursday the twentieth of August was a beautiful day. After an early lunch I decided to go to the KLCC just to while my time there. It a mall that I love to go and enjoy my time in the atmosphere of the first world. Been there is just like been in any mall in the first world; be it in New York or Boston or London. I have been to the malls in those major cities and found that the mall at the KLCC is just like what one get at the malls there. So whiling the time there is a refreshing moment indeed. To me after living in the vicinity of the city of Kuala Lumpur for more than forty years the mall is part of my living culture and I am enjoying it.

As usual I drove the Honda to the parking lot at the basement of KLCC, took the lift to the concourse area and make my way to the nearest shopping outlet there.  It was just before lunch time and the mall is already throng with folks enjoying their day. I browse through the M & S outlet and did not find anything I like so I move on. Took the lift to the fourth floor and went to the bookstore Kinokuniya. 

And while browsing for books at Kinokuniya I chance got into talking to a young pretty woman who was looking for books too. We talk on books and other subjects that seem to popup as we go along. She has an open mind thus the chat flows along. It was real nice to get to chat to such a bright mind of Malaysian, the generation of my kids. A stranger in one moment and now a friend. Life is indeed beautiful when one meet someone who could articulate well and have an open mind on subject that some folks may find too sensitive to talk to strangers but here two strangers did talk with ease and enjoying that exchange of information and ideas. After a while we parted. I then continue to browse along and end buying a book. Then went to buy some cake at Bisou to take home. While waiting for the cake been packed she appears again and had a look at the book that I had bought and then left smiling. It was just like old friends passing by. One of those beautiful moment in time that passes by as we journey on in life. 

Have a nice day.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Copper Bowl...

I saw this copper bowl in a discontinued products section of an outlet and bought it without much thoughts.  I am like that, when I like something I just buy it and knew that it would find a place in my home.  It eventually did on this simple table at the dinning section of the house. It looks elegant isn't it! It is a work of art, one of a kind. A work of beauty is a joy forever. 

Have a nice day.