Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tapai Pulut; the wonder Dessert...

Pak Idrus's photo.

This is homemade Tapai Pulut. Pulut is Glutinous rice.  In making Tapai the Ragi [Yeast is very important] The Javanese are the expert in making Ragi. So where there are Javanese especially in Batu Pahat you may get the best Ragi. Tapai is a complete Vegetarian dessert introduce by the Javanese. Some folks takes it with Ice cream. The tradition of making a good Tapai is that it should be made in total secrecy and that the one who is making it must be clean both physically and spiritually.

We did not know that Asmah my spouse make it until she placed it on the table for us to enjoy. I am told later that she was teaching our eldest granddaughter to make it. It sort of passing on the tradition of making a good Tapai.

Folks to digress a little; You go home to your mom's home and she only fry Ikan Kembong [fish] and some vegetables for you. It turn out to be a great lunch in an atmosphere of love. You go back home and did the same thing; fry Ikan Kembong and the same vegetables. It did not turn out the same as your mom had done. Why! Because you just fry another fish and cook a dish and without that extra recipe. Your mom sprinkle Love over the food she prepared for you is the additional recipe that made her cooking so wonderful. Like everything else in life Love is that secret recipe. So the next time you cook do sprinkle it with love and your loved one would see the differences. Yes folks, there is great wisdom in our tradition. Never underestimate the power of our tradition. Respect it and it goes a long way. 

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