Saturday, August 1, 2015

Of Fig Planting in Malaysia...

I have always love to eat cake or biscuits that contain figs and never thought that fig tree could be planted in this country. Of course we have the local fig trees but it just grow wild and most of the time folks in this country never use it for food. But recently when I join a closed group on Facebook that call Malaysia Gardeners I notice that many friends talk and exchange ideas and information on Fig and growing it in their garden. Some kept exchanging variates and give it among friends. On one posting in the group a friend post a box of cutting that he got from a friend from another part of the country and that he has indeed start planting the plants with some success. I post a comment on the posting and jokingly say that I would love to have some cutting. He reply on my personal message that he could send me some if I give him my address. Without much ado I let him have my address and today, this morning I received a small package from the postman. 

Delighted with the cutting I SMS him and thanks him for that wonderful gesture of him. At the same time I did a posting in the Malaysia Gardeners site and it does received great responds in the comment columns of that posting. It looks like folks love to exchange ideas and information on this newly found adventure of gardening in this country. Without wasting much time this afternoon I start to plant the cuttings in pots at the backyard garden; all excited about this new adventure of mine. Sort of an adventure into the unknown for me. Exciting indeed. 

Have a nice day.

Note: [image of the Fig fruits in  this posting is taken from the Internet]


Grace Yong said...

Good day Pak Idrus,
Greetings from Kota kinabalu, Sabah.
May I ask how is the growth of the Fig tree?
Regards from shirley

Pak Idrus said...

Grace Yong, thanks for visit. Well after I planted it it starts to grows. And then I got sick and could not attended it until now. From what I could see it growing well in a way. One has reach 2 feet. It all has been transferred to bigger pots by my spouse with the help of the maid and the grand kids. I do hope it continue to grows. Thanks.

Sally Lee said...

Hi Pak Idrus, Good day

I would like to know is your fig tree still in good condition, as I would like to learn how to plant fig tree, I love fig too.

Pak Idrus said...

Sally Lee, Sorry for the late reply. As for the fig tree it is still in good condition and fruiting. It can be planted from cutting and easy to maintained. Just get cutting and plant it first in a small pot and when it start to grow big transfer it to a bigger pot. Use compos soil and later fertilize and it would bear fruits all the time. Thanks.