Saturday, December 23, 2017

Of Tourism and Cherating....

Being a Kuantanite I have been to Cherating many times and of course during my childhood and my youth Cherating have been our camping place. We would hike from the Kuantan town and camp there on the weekend; enjoying ourselves oblivious of the world. 

Cherating today in no longer a quiet place like before, it is sort of a tourists’ destination, a destination like Bali with all the potential of becoming one. Well, with proper planning it could be just as great a destination to enjoy the sea. It not that far away from Kuala Lumpur, it just a three or four house leisure drive or an hour flight and you are there facing kilometers and kilometers of open beaches facing the vast South China Sea. And folks a very clean beach all the years round. It been kept clean by the bashing of the waves from the open sea. 

There are many kinds of accommodation there that would suit everyone pocket; from the cheapest Kampong house living to the various type of chalets, to the most expensive hotels with all the luxury of a seven stars hotel are available there. Make your pick and you would surely have a great time holidaying there. A paradise of a place that is away from the hassle of the city. You are on your own world there; no shopping or the busy traffic of the city to enjoy you dream holiday with the beach all yours to enjoy. As for the food just like anywhere else in Malaysia you can have all that you want 24/7. From the roadsides stalls to a Kopitiam delight or the fine dine in the hotels. 

During the period of the Northeast Monsoon which happens at the end of the years one would find the waves high and fast bashing the beach, just nice to go on a surfing spree. It just like been on a Hawaiian beach but it here on our doorstep. 

So, what are you waiting for; get there and enjoy life with your loved one. No need to plan; the whole beaches is there for you to enjoy.  And of course, there are the hospitality of the locals awaits you with open arms. One such person is the humble Poklan, a citizen of the this paradise.

Have a nice day.

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