Sunday, December 10, 2017

Of Udang Galah....

Not always one gets to buy this Giant Prawn that we call Udang Galah. The other day at the Datuk Keramat wet market I bought a kilo of Udang Galah. I could not find the English name for it except that it a big Prawn like a Lobster but not a Lobster This time It cost RM40 a kilo. It can be as expensive as RM70 per kilo. Anyway, I do not care so much about the price, what is important is that I get to buy it from time to time. And that day at the normal stall that I use to buy Prawn I saw the Udang Galah; and since the size is just right I bought a kilo. Then the next day my spouse cook it the way I like it; my favorite Masak Lemak Kuning. I had it for lunch and dinner as well; it does make a wonderful meal indeed. 

Have a nice day.

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