Saturday, December 30, 2017

Traditional delights...

In the Malay culture food and its preparation is an art by itself. Simple stuff may in an instance turns into a snack for tea or dessert for after lunch or dinner. Some of the basic are the Banana, Tapioca, boiled or fried with a few ingredients added became a specialty of the day. The other day while in Kuantan my brother had offer us some Ubi Kayu [Tapioca] that he had grown beside his house. My nephew who live there went to get it for us and we brought it to KL. Not knowing what to do with it as yet. 

On our return to KL with my nephew driving we decided to take it easy and arrange to have lunch with a relative at Temerloh. I decided to call the relative just after we left Kuantan and suggested that he and his spouse meet us for lunch at Temerloh; Ikan Patin the river fish, a specialty in that part of the country was in my mind. He says on Sunday the restaurant that I referred to is closed and suggested that we go to another restaurant and give us the direction to get there. We drove on and taking the old road to Temerloh we soon met at as restaurant near the old bridge that span the Pahang River. We order lunch which includes the Ikan Patin.and Baung, the river fish a specialty of the part of the country. We sat to enjoy our lunch while chatting along. 

Then as we were about to finish our lunch a woman helper came with a tray of dessert that we had not ordered. She says this is a compliment from the house and we should try it.  It turns out to be the Pengat Pisang [Banana Porridge]. We thank her and dug into the bowl and enjoy it. It tastes good and found it to be well done and soon I had another helping. They had use Pisang Nangka and Gula Gabong, both combination that made this Pengat Pisang so special. 

Back in KL my spouse had the Ubi Kayu boiled and cook a Sambal Tumis Bilis, a good combination to enjoy the boiled Tapioca for breakfast or at any time of the day. I bought freshly scraped Coconut and enjoy the Ubi Kayu the traditional way. The Ubi Kayu that my brother had planted turns out to be of good quality and taste as great. The whole family did enjoy the special boiled Ubi Kayu which during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya was just a poor folks diet. Now it is considered one of the luxury to be enjoyed from time to time only. Well folks that was that, enjoying some simple traditional foods that had been passed down for generations. 

Have a nice day.
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