Saturday, May 16, 2015

Of Jehan and I....

I thought that I would write about this in today’s posting; it sort of about the family members that were lost and found. In those days when everyone live in the same Kampong [village] or town it was easy to know the who and who of the extended families but today with mobility where one move  out of the local scene in seeking of a better pasture it not that easy. It happened to me and my family. I was born and bred in Kuantan, a small town on the east-coast of the country. Our family were the original settlers in Kuantan thus almost everyone there are related in one ways of the other. In my case I have nine siblings and do not know the numbers in the whole families. Once I ask one of my brothers how many kids does he have and his reply was ten with 28 grandchildren; so folks that is the nature of things nowadays and we must accept for a fact that we can never really know how many are there in the family at a given time. We would never really know. So let us move forward in the ever changing world of ours. 

After school I stayed in Kuantan to work there until 1967 when I found a better job and was posted outside the state. With that I began to lose contact of any new happening in the family circle and this is one of such cases. With the Internet, first with blogging and later with Facebook I soon got connected with lost friends and relatives some of which I do not know exist. It was one of the best happening in my life. This is one such story. I first got into bantering with Jehan through her Facebook posting. She is a Blogger too and this is her Blog. One thing led to another and soon I start to put two and two together; voila! I soon found out that she is none other than the daughter of Bakar the son of my step sister thus she is the granddaughter of my step sister Rokiah.

So one fine day in August 2014 when we were in Kuantan for a short break I invited her to breakfast at the hotel that we were staying. She could not join us for that breakfast but did arrived and met Asmah and me at the hotel lobby. It was such a wonderful meeting of close relative whom we had not met before. We invited her to come over to our house in Ampang Jaya whenever she could find the time. And just last week she came with her whole family; her other half and her two lovely kids. Oh such a wonderful kids indeed; well manners and articulate well in English. Indeed a joy to have around. 

The family had travel all the way from Kuantan to go for a wedding in Malacca and in doing so made a point of visiting us in Ampang Jaya. Asmah had prepared lunch so I send her a note on her cellphone telling her not to stop anywhere for lunch since Nenek had already prepared lunch at our place. Just after twelve that fine day on the first day of May the group arrived; cheerful indeed. Without much ado we all sat to enjoy the lunch and chat along. It turns out to be such a beautiful family gathering. Another story of the happening that beginning in the virtual world and became real in the physical world; such happening otherwise would not be possible before the Internet and the Social media.  

The top image is when we first met at the Vistana Hotel in Kuantan whereas the rest are scenes at the dinning table at our house that day. 

Have a nice day.


Pak Idrus said...

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Salam Pak Idrus,

This is my first time here at your blog. The title of this post caught my eye and I thought I can share a bit of this lovely lady who is the subject of your post.

I met Jehan, firstly through blogging and then later in real life when she helped me when I was in a spot of bother in Kuantan. That was in 2008. Later I was introduced to Koka, her other half. Turned out that Koka and I have something in common (I used to work in the same organization that he is now in). Over the years, we met again a few times and the latest was last month when we were in Kuantan for an event at my old school. She invited us over to her house for tea and it was the first time my better half met her. She made us feel so welcome. We were chatting like long-lost friends. That's how wonderful a person she is.

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Pak Idrus
May 18
Pak Idrus has left a new comment on your post "Of Jehan and I....":

Oldstock, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Well had it not been for the Internet and the social media these kind happening may not be possible. Her grandfather live in my father's shop when he first arrived in Kuantan in the forties whereas Bakar Jehan's father grew up with me but as I had said in this posting I left Kuantan and eventually lost touch but did meet Bakar from time to time whenever I am in Kuantan I am glad that you met her and did enjoyed that friendship. We live in a small world now, with the social media like Blogging and FB we get to meet other strangers who later became our friends. Like you I did met many strangers through Blogging and FB and happy with it. I do hope that whenever you are in KL you could find the time to meet me at my little pondok in Ampang Jaya. It would be really great to meet in the physical world after this encounter in the virtual world.

Have a nice day.

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Pak Idrus said...

Oldstock has left a new comment on your post "Of Jehan and I....":

InsyaAllah Pak Idrus... ada rezeki nanti we'll meet in this physical world. That's part of my effort to eratkan persahabatan. Dari alam maya ke alam nyata.