Thursday, May 21, 2015

Of The Twilight Zone...

I thought that for today I would just share this wonderful experience that I had had some years ago. It sort of like an episode in the Twilight zone. Let me start this way. It about my friendship with a schoolmate of mine Jerry Lee. Jerry Lee and I had been classmate from the age of 11 years old when I start schooling at the Abdullah School [English school] in Kuantan, Pahang. I start schooling in 1946 after the war. The first three years was in the Malay School. When we move from the Malay school to the English school the first two years all of us from the Malay School were put into the Special Malay Class 1 and 2 in the English school. This was to prepare us to be integrated into the normal class in the English school starting in the Standard IV of the English Primary School. After that it would be just the normal classes in the English school until Form V. From then henceforth we were always in the same class all the years on until we finished schooling in 1957. While in school we became member of the same Scouting group and often would go out on scouting expedition and camping together. We parted after getting the Form V examination result [the Cambridge School Certificates] and start working to make a living. We continue to improve ourselves by doing further studies as we move on in our career. I had stayed in Kuantan to work and start a family whereas he left for Singapore where he went into the hospitality industries. He was very successful and at one time did own a hotel in Singapore. We met a few time when I was working in Kuala Lumpur and then lost track of each other. We did not hear anything from each other for years. It was only in the mid nighties after I had retired from the government service that we made contact again. And that was by pure coincident when I was talking with my cousin in Kuantan on an unrelated subject when my cousin mentioned that Jerry wanted to get in touch with me. He give me Jerry's number, I then contact him in Singapore and told him that we could meet in Johor Bahru, the border town near the Malaysia - Singapore Causeway. I drove all the way to Johor Bahru and we met him and his wife and him at the Tropical Inn in the heart of Johor Bahru. From that time onward we continue to keep in touch. Once when he came over to Kuala Lumpur he stayed at our home in Ampang Jaya. We continue to keep in touch even after he left for Bali to work in a hotel there.

A few years later I had to see a sick relative in Singapore but had never driven on Singapore roads before and not that sure as how to get to the hospital where my relative is been treated. I call Jerry who was living in Singapore at that time and ask for his help of which he gladly accept. He give me his cell phone number and told me to contact him when I am about to reach Singapore. I had told him that I would get to Singapore via the Second Link. On that day I drove the Honda all the way to the Second link and before arriving there I call him and told him that I would be entering Singapore soon and would call him so that we could meet him somewhere in Singapore. After going through the Immigration check point at the Second Link I found that I could no longer use my cell phone to contact him. In those days there was still no roaming service thus Malaysia cellphone could not be use once in the Singapore territory and I did not know that. I tried desperately to find a line to contact him as I drive into Singapore but to no avail. The phone was useless and I am now at lost as to how to get in touch with him. I drove on without a clue where I was driving to. My wife was fuming and angry with me for losing the contact. I was angry with her for blaming me but I just kept my cool and drove on. In Singapore one just cannot stop anywhere on the roadside, so not to be on the wrong side of the law I drove on not really knowing where I am heading and eventually found an exit to another road. I then took that exit road and drive on. As I was going down-road I saw a car up front was slowing down and eventually stop and the driver of the car got out. I then slow down my car and stop behind that car. I went out of the car and ask what has happened. He said that he is out of petrol and that his friend is bringing it to him. He is waiting here for that petrol. I then ask him whether he has a cellphone. He replied that he has one. I then told him of my problem of not been able to communicate with my friend using my Malaysia cellphone. I ask him whether I could use his cell phone to contact my friend. He was happy to help and let me use his cellphone to contact my friend Jerry. It was lucky that I brought along my small phone-book where I had the phone number of my friends. Using that Singapore cellphone I call my friend Jerry and he was delighted to hear my voice. I told him what had happened and he say that for me not to go anywhere but to stay put there and that he would drive over to meet me. I hand over the cellphone to the man whose car had stalled and thanks him for the use of it. Soon his friend arrived with a can of petrol for his car. After filling his car with the petrol he left. Just a moment after that my friend Jerry arrived. Had it not for the stalled car and the help from the good heart driver who let me use his cellphone I would have not been able to get connected again on that day with my friend Jerry. It should be remembered that at that time cellphone was in its infancy and could not be use across border. And that not everyone have a cellphones. Was it a coincident that the car without the petrol stops there at that moment in time when I most need assistance, especially a cellphone; it’s everyone guests! Somehow I got help from a total stranger in a foreign country; my guardian angel perhaps! In my life journey I have always get helps from such unexpected people. At time a idea just popup in my mind to solved a problem at a given time. I have all along believe that there are some sort of energy somewhere out there or my guardian angel who comes to my assistance when I most needed it. Well folks life is like that and it’s full of mysteries! 

Have a nice day.

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God works in mysterious ways..

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Pak Idrus
May 21
Pak Idrus has left a new comment on your post "Of The Twilight Zone...":

Mohd Adib Noh, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting. Well it a mystery alright.

Have a nice day.