Sunday, May 31, 2015

Of Photography...

I have always love photography but was unable to do so before since photography is an expensive hobby. So when I retired and have some money to spend on my hobby I took to photography seriously.  Learning to do a better job along the way. It not just snap and go thing. It need thinking and know what to see through the lens of the camera. One get to see more through the lens. Without the camera we only see scenes in general and it only through the lens that we can focus on that single scene. In Macro Photography we see more which we otherwise would not notice with the normal lens. My  FB friend Teh Lian Chye translate what he see and draw it which to me is not possible since I do not have the eyes and hand of an artist like him. Since I love nature and things of beauty I took to photography to represent what I saw and enjoy doing it. About is an image of the fishpond at my patio taken using the micro-lens; that in photography is call Macro Photography.  

Have a nice day.

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