Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Coconut...

In any Malay house's compound in the Kampong there would surely be a Coconut Palm. Coconut is a versatile plant; it fruits produce the coconut milk, the husk of the coconut fruit could be turn in many useful thing like brushes, broom or in some cases as filling for the mattresses. Its old trunk could be made as material for building bridges across narrow rivers, its leaves could be woven into containers for boiling rice for special occasion, it milks use in the cooking of curry and the making of traditional cakes. It also could be turn into eating oil that is better in nutrition than any vegetable oils in the market. Well it uses are indeed endless. The other day while walking on the beach in front of our condo at Pantai Puteri in Malacca I saw two coconuts tied together washed onto the shore. It is normal for coconut to be tied that way so as to make it easy to carry along. About is the image of that coconut that I saw that morning on the beach; a beautiful image indeed. Enjoy it folks. 

Have a nice day.

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