Monday, March 28, 2016

Ikan Singgang....

Ikan Singgang is  one traditional Malay dish that is simple to do. Yet it is not only delicious but nutritious as well. Its one dish that you can find in the Malay world, perhaps call by other names, nevertheless it is still Ikan Singgang. It is the creation of our ancestors where fish have always been their main protein source; sort of the wisdom of the old. A wise creation indeed and because of it we still kept enjoying it  I have always love Ikan Singgang especially when Ikan Aya [Tuna fish] is use but it always taste as good even with other fish like Tenggiri or Kerisi. When making this simple dish one herb/spice that is a must is Lengkuas [Galangal] for without it the Singgang is not complete. The above image of Ikan Singgang is made with Ikan Tenggiri. Delicious as usual. Taken with steamy white rice and Budu [Anchovies sauce] or Sambal Belacan [Shrimp sauce] it is heaven already. 

I posted that image on Facebook and below are two informative comments made there by two of my Facebook friends:-

Nik Mohd Maseri Seafarers food, when sailing, they put out their fishing lines, and the fish caught is made into a soup, from items they take along with them: galangal, ginger, etc. Filipinos call it sinigan.

Kamariah Jaafar In the early 50’s I was living in Paloh Hinai, a village downriver 26 miles from Pekan. Supply of seawater fish came in the form of “ikan singgang” brought by the boat that called regularly at Paloh Hinai. One most awaited fare that the boat brought was “ikan singgang”. Another fare was “budu” or “peda” which was anchovies cured in salt and “asam .”Singgang is a fish dish. The singgang that was eagerly awaited by the inhabitants of the Pahang river banks was made from kerisi. Having been gutted and washed the fish are arranged in an earthenware pot. In alternate layers of fish and asam keping, rock salt, slices of galangal, garlic and chilli padi. This was then boiled for a few hours. The much enjoyed dish singgang was served with small chillies, the hottest variety.A piece of history from my childhood taken from my memoirs..

Have a nice day.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Tranquil Morning in Port Dickson....

It was a beautiful Monday on the last week of February. We were having a short holiday in Port Dickson. I woke early on that Monday morning and went for a walk along the beach near the hotel that we were staying. It was still early and dark, around 7.45am in the morning. As I walk toward the beach I saw some Chinese tourists coming back from an early dip in the sea.  There were hardly any people on the beach. I saw a loan fisherman with his net trying to catch some seafood's near the shore. It was a beautiful scene to see him in action in that early morning. It was still dark and slowly as the sky lighten up I could see a beautiful clouds formation just above the horizon. It was a majestic sight to watch and wonder as nature put it grand show of clouds formation in that early hours. It was just like someone was painting the sky with an image that kept changing all the times. I love watching such panoramic view of the sky; awesome indeed. I took my cellphone and take a few snaps of that ever changing scene and above is one of that image. With photography we can watch that gorgeous scene over and over again at our convenience. Enjoy it folks much as I had enjoyed taking it. 

Have a nice day.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Beautiful moments....

We was in Putrajaya last Sunday to watch the Hot Air Balloon festive there. While there I took time to enjoy my personal space. At this juncture of  my life to be able to just  enjoy the peace and tranquility of a place is an occasion that I cherished. I love to just to forget about what happened around me, care less of the surrounding and let my mind to just run wild. At time I would just got lost in my daydream but always enjoy that moment of travel in space and time that I am yet to understand and explain. When one is in that state of mine one is at  peace with oneself and to me that is a great moment in time. Always enjoy that beautiful moment. Above is an image of me while enjoying my special personal space both physically and virtually. A beautiful moment indeed. 

Have a nice day folks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hot Air Balloon Festa 2016 Putrajaya...

It was a beautiful Sunday  on March 13, 2016. Our daughter Lin had planned to take us to see the Hot Air Balloon festival at Putrajaya, an annual event which have been  going on for many years there.  This year it just started. So early  in the morning at around 7.30am we left the house with her driving the Honda Accord heading to the festival site in Putrajaya, the national capital. My spouse took the front seat while I sat at the  back seat of the Honda Accord like most bosses does. It was nice to be able to just sit there and enjoy the ride. This is the first time I did not drive to Putrajaya. After driving for about half an hour we arrived at Precinct 2 where the Hot Air Balloon festival is held. The whole area was already crowded with folks who had arrived as early as six in the morning, to be there to get closer to the balloons or enjoy a short experience on the balloon. The whole festival site was a colorful festive scene indeed. The above picture I took with my Huawei cellphone camera shows the balloon just rising with the morning Sun shining behind it.  A majestic sight indeed.

As usual in a time and place like this cars were parked everywhere and been a bit late we had difficulty of finding a spot to park our car. After trying at many places we managed to squeeze the Honda at an empty space between two cars and  parked it there. We then went to look  at the place where the  balloons are  been  raised into the open sky. It was early morning  and the sun was just rising. A beautiful and brilliant morning indeed.  It was rather difficult to watch the balloon from where  we were standing facing the sun. Anyway I managed to get some good shots of the balloon in  action at the ground level as well that had flown and floats high above us.

I  walk around the vicinity of where we parked our car and chanced seeing a young couple with their family enjoying their breakfast. Since the setting is a good subject for a photography as well for blogging I went closer and ask them whether I could  take a snap of them. They say it alright and we soon became friends. On  the left is the photo I took of them. Looking at that image brought back  memory of the days when  we were young like them with kids of that ages. I then posted that image on Facebook. After chatting with them for a while I move on to join my spouse and  our daughter at the car.

We then decides to go to the Alamanda Mall nearby and look for something  to eat. After parking the car at the basement we went to look for the Food court and because it still early the food court was just getting warm-up. We got  a table  and order some light breakfast and sat to enjoy it. Soon all the shops at the mall opens for business. After finishing our breakfast we decided to go shopping at the mall. It was nice to be there after of an absence of more than one years. Soon the mall were throng with folks who like us move here after watching the Hot Air Balloons. We did some shopping and  end the day by indulging ourselves with one of the most expensive Ice Cream there. Well folks we did enjoy this Sunday adventure in Putrajaya.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Livingstyle Of Malaysian...

A few days ago I decided to venture a bit, to have a look at the  living habitat of the high income Malaysian at a high-end Condominium at Pandan. I follow X who live there and have a walk from the outside entrance to the apartment on the 20th floor. One can only get in and out of the building using an electronic card. Without it one cannot enter or get out of the building or parked one's car. To get to the apartment X use the electronic card to unlock the  front door at the ground level, the barrier and the lift and to X apartment on the 20th floor. The card that is use for going up must be the same one for going  down otherwise one cannot use the lift to get down or get out of the building.

There is a well landscape Garden and an infinity Swimming Pool at the lower level. To get there one had to key in too. It is the same with the gymnasium or whatever place one like to go. There is a Shopping Mall at the lower level and to get there from the apartment one had to key in too. It looks like the developer is obsessed with security but I believe those who live there would get used to this kind of living culture but I do not believe I could. And the rental is I believe around RM4000.00 a month for the 1.400 Sq.ft apartment. Well folks that is a totally new lifestyle to me. I am not going into that living style and happy with my present habitat, living on ground.

Have a nice day folks.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy 76th Birthday...

Today the 7th of March 2016 is the 76th birthday of my spouse Asmah Abdul Rahman.  It has been more that 54 years of a wonderful marriage. Happy Birthday Sayang. 

Have a nice day.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Crab's Hole...

I woke up early on Monday morning and decided to take a walk along the beach. I love the beach in the early morning. Over the night it has been cleaned by the wave that come hitting the beach thus it clean of whatever debris that we human had left there the day before. Come morning the beach is as clean and nice to look and walk. I love the sea and the smell of the sea always refreshes me. While on my walk I took picture of  things that was left overnight, that was not touch by the waves. One of the image is  a hole made by the crab just after the tide went down. Diligently the crab goes with its daily chores of cleaning the beach come what may and continue to populate the beach. Without it the beach would not be as alive and colorful as it has been before. Thus enriching our lives. 

Have a nice day folks.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Very Very Short Holiday...

I am still recuperating from my last surgery and have not been outside the city for almost a year.  I told my spouse and my kids that I wanted to go somewhere near the sea. Perhaps Port Dickson is the best place and not that far away from Kuala Lumpur; it an about two hours drive. I love the sea and beaches since I grew up  in a town near the sea on the east coast of Malaya; Kuantan. So the sea always refreshes me and a visit now would be just lovely for my health. So last Sunday on the suggestion of our daughter Lin we decided to go to Port Dickson for an overnight stay at one of the luxury hotel there, the Thistle Hotel. With Lin driving we left the house just after ten in the morning. It was nice to be able to sit at the back seat of the car and enjoy the ride. We stop over at the Seremban Rest and Recreation area and had our lunch before proceeding to Port Dickson. 

On arrival at the hotel in Port Dickson we found may people checking-out and our rooms are not as yet ready. So we sat at the lounge and enjoy Coffee amid the beautiful surrounding of the hotel lobby on one side and the swimming pool on the other. Just about five hundred meters away is the sea with its blue water seen glittering like the sparks of diamond as its reflects the light of the midday sun. The service here is a bit slow and we just wait and our coffee eventually arrived. We then sat to enjoy the coffee and the cakes. The coffee were good, so is the cakes. We sat there and enjoy while waiting for our rooms to be ready. After a while we got the keys to the rooms. My spouse with our daughter Lin decided to check in first and take a rest but I have not finished my coffee; so I continue to sit there and enjoy my coffee. While there a group of gorgeous young woman approach me to take a group photo of them enjoying their holiday there. I took a few snap from one of their phone as well with mine. I told them that I would posted their picture on FB and they have no objection.

After a while I decided to get to the room for a short rest before going out to explore Port Dickson which I have not visited for many years. At just after four in the afternoon with our daughter driving the Honda we went to the Waterfront on Port Dickson; a new development on a reclaimed land near the sea there. The photos on the left are of  us at the Waterfront. Since it was too early to have dinner we decided to have some refreshment at a Starbucks outlet there. The outlet was a bit noisy and unlike the Starbucks that we used to visit in Kuala Lumpur. I was not that happy with that kind of environment, so uncultured and felt sick. I told my spouse that I would like to go back to the hotel and take a rest before dinner. We drove back to the hotel and took a good rest before dinner. Our daughter Lin decided to go out and buy a takeaway for diner. It was a good idea and we could enjoy it our own way in the hotel room. At just after eight in the evening she came back with a spreads of foods for diner which she bought at a restaurant nearby. We sat down and had a hearty dinner of  white rice with Roasted fish, Tomyam, Fried Khylan with salted fish and Omelet. Other than rice we also have Fried Mee Hoon.  Since I was rather  tired after that ride from KL  I decided to call the day off and had a good night sleep. 

The next morning I woke  up early and went for a walk at the beach and while there took this image of a man with his net trying to catch fish. It was a really good opportunity for me to take such a snap of the man in action. I then enjoy more photography with my DSLR and the cellphone camera and after awhile call my spouse and told her that I am down here and would go for breakfast. She said to go ahead and that they would be coming when ready. I then went to the Coffee House and enjoy my breakfast. Soon my spouse and our daughter Lin arrived and join me. 

The  breakfast spread was good and appetizing and we all did enjoy that breakfast which is part of the hotel package charges. After that I went to the room while my spouse and our daughter Lin went have a walk at the beach. 

We checkout of the hotel at noon and went to see the place of the Raptor Watch come March 12 at Tanjung Tuan. Here migratory birds from the northern region would arrived in droves to enjoy their stop before moving to the southern atmosphere. So from March 12 this place would be crowded with birdwatcher from all over the country, as well from overseas. 

After that we decided to drive back to KL with a stop at Seremban to enjoy the Cendol and Rojak there. Getting to the restaurant where the Hj.Sharif Cendol is was not that easy since it was lunch time and moreover we are not used to the route. Anyhow after a few glitch Lin our daughter who was driving managed to get us there. We did enjoy the food and drinks and the short rest before proceeding back to our home in Ampang Jaya.

We arrived home at past 3pm after a realy enjoyable time on this very very short holiday in Port Dickson. 

Have a nice day.