Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Nutritious Vegetable dish......

As a child I normally did not like vegetable but then mom always see to it that we take even a little of vegetable with our meals. Our diet was always consisting of Rice, Fish and Vegetable stir fry or eaten raw as in Ulam. Both Red meats or Chicken was not a normal diet for folks at that time. Folks only cook Chicken or Beef maybe once or twice a year and that comes during the festival of Eid. Anyway even without Meats or Chicken folks had all the nutritions to keep them as healthy. As a family we always have vegetable on the table for lunch or dinner. My spouse always enjoys her meal with vegetable although I can go without it. Anyway, we always have vegetable on the table come what may. Now at this age especially after my surgery two years ago I have completely taken meats out of my diet and concentrate on fish and vegetable only. I felt good after that change of diet. So now there are more vegetable dishes on the table for the family. Above is one vegetable dish that I like most since I was a kid. It today's menu, a combination of Tau Foo, Taugeh, and Kucai. It is stir fry lightly and done in mere minutes. It not only tasty but nutritious as well. I always enjoy it with white Rice. 

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