Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dry Roses....

I have always love flowers thus I tried to plant it in my little garden but as usual it does not last long except for the Bougainvillea, Bauhinia kockiana, Allamanda and some little White which flowers throughout the years. I have both flowers grown at the front of my garage and it does colored the front of my house.  Another flower that I like and could not grow is the Rose. It need a cool weather like in the highland to grow well. When it is brought to the lowland and sold it does not last long, the most is one week if placed in a cool place in the house. Although it has such a short lifespan it does give so much love with its glorious colors and fragrance. I love Roses and from time to time would buy it especially on a special day like birthday or anniversary. The above dry roses are the one which I bought last year. I dried it and have been displayed in the house, still giving so much loves despite it already dried. True as they say that flowers are the keepers of our joy. Yes, indeed flower always made me happy. 

Have a nice day.

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