Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Door Bell...

This happened a few days ago. The doorbell rang and within seconds it rang again. I never like someone to ring the bell twice in such a short time. I look and it the Newspaper boy coming to collect the payment. [BTW I did not read any newspapers now, it for my spouse who still want to read] Of course I was furious for ringing the bell twice in mere seconds. Anyway, I went to look for the bill and collect my wallet to make the payment. As soon as I get to the gate the Boy ask me DID I HEAR THE BELL! He said he could not hear it; surely, he cannot hear it, he was wearing a padded Helmet. Moreover, the sound is to be heard inside the house and not outside. I was angry at him to expect me to materialize in front of him in mere seconds. I told him that and it takes minutes to get from inside the house to the front gate; it may take five minutes! I told him he should check his watch before pressing the Bell the second time. I just cannot condone such a stupid act. It does spoil my day! The next time I would just let him wait and wait. I don't care anymore. 

Have a nice day.

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